Monday, April 30, 2012

FFXI: Great Katana Relic Upgrade Stage II >> Stage III

Took long enough, didn't I? Stage II is completed thanks to Wagnus, my old Dynamis shell leader, trading me some Jadeshells for a few 100 Byns. Will I regret that trade? Probably once I am 46/50 for the next upgrade.

This little bastard is happily making me broke.
Now, I take a step back and look at what I've done so far. I have spent roughly 19million gil (In currency and items for upgrades.) on this weapon so far. The most I have ever paid for anything in FFXI. The worse part is that the most expensive part is to come. Then next two upgrades will require roughly 10,500,000gil to complete. I sometimes stop and ask myself questions like "IS this worth it?" or "Damn, I could of bought a Novio with some of that." I have to remind myself that this weapon to make my SAM a truly powerful job.
You know, you'd like these would be everywhere when you go to the past.
Luckily, I do have a few things going for me. I've recently upgraded a few pieces of my SAM gear and also completed the trails for the Magian +100 TP Bonus weapon. This will allow me to do a little more damage during my farming runs in hopes to take out the monsters quicker. I'll run another solo SAM/DNC Dynamis real soon and let you guys know the outcome. Another thing going for me is that I already have my Attestation of Decisiveness, a drop I obtained during the very last Dynamis - Beaucedine run with Perfect Ataraxia. With this, I continue to push forward to complete the strongest Samurai Great Katana, the Amanomurakumo.
I may of avoided this fight, but there will be a 6 round rematch for the Magian upgrade trails.


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Evangelion Schich Razor Adds

Thanks to for showing me that all of my favorite anime series try to sell me stuff. (PizzaHut:Code Geass)

"Gendō's Decision" 

"Misato's Deepest Feelings" 


There is also a limited edition Rei Razor holder that I would like to own. I think it would go great with my Misato soap holder. ^^
For more information on these, head on over to

Monday, April 23, 2012

FFXI: The Many Alternative Worlds of FFXI - Part 1: Dynamis

Some people call is developer's laziness, some call it rehashing, and some would even call it "budgeted expansions." The world of FFXI is a large one. You can travel from epic castle-like cities through forests, platues, beaches, and deep caves. Adventurers in FFXI have been allowed to travel to the "heavens" and even down across the sea to far off continents and legendary lost lands. One of the most places players have been able to travel to it alternative worlds. Time travel, alternative histories, and even dream-worlds have been discovered by adventurers in pursuit of better gear and a good time. I'd like to take this chance for a quick review on the different worlds in FFXI. Here are my rules: Must be an alternative world, not just far off places such as "sky" or "sea." Spoilers ahead though, so tread cautiously if you care about storyline.

Part 1:
Dynamis: The Shrouded Land

A dream-world created by the terrestrial avatar Diabolos for him to escape Vana'diel's fate during the time of the Crystal War.

Prior the the creation, we find ourselves during the forming of a multinational group to battle the Beastmen and Dark Kindred known as the Hydra Corps. This group contained Raogrimm the Galka an the two humes Cornilia and Ulrich from Bastok; Yow Rabntah the Mithra and Iru-Kuiru the Tarutaru representing Windurst; Finally, Franchmage the Elvaan for San d'Oria. Diabolos saw the conflicts arousing between the Hydra Corps and felt that Vana'diel stood no chance. We watched as Ulrich betrayed Raogrimm and the rest of the corps, thus leading to Raogrimm's pact with Odin to become to the Shadow Lord.

During this time of darkness for the Warriors of Altana, Diabolos decided to create a dream-world to escape from the fate that was looming over the world. With the creation of this world the spirits of of the Hydra Corps and the Shadow Lord's where unable to escape the horrors of the War. The cities became overrun with the beastmen and the Shadow Lord took the new name of the Dynamis Lord. 
Original Cutscene with Raogrimm and Cornilia.

Back in our world, Raogrimm's lingering spirit feels that darkness is rising again. He feels that there is another Shadow Lord with an army that wishes to return to the world they originally came from to claim what belongs to them. He asks you to investigate the northlands to stop the uprising of darkness taking over the world.

With the darkness covering the northlands of Dynamis, the spirits of the fallen Hydra Corps where unable to help take blame for the sins Raogrimm committed during his time as the Shadow Lord. Thanks to some adventurers from our current world, we where able to lift the darkness and allow access to Xarcabard and the attempt to free Raogrimm from his eternal nightmare. Adventurers where rewarded for their tasks with ancient currency needed to revive the lost relic weapons as well as armor from fallen warriors during the crystal war.

Classic Dynamis - Xarc win, how Dynamis should go.

This wasn't the end of the nightmare, though..

Adventurers who still wanted to journey deeper into the world of Dreams had the opportunity to talk to Diabolos if they previously met him during Chains of Promathia missions. He asks that if you where to venture deeper into his dreamworld that you may find the cause of the darkness becoming stronger in his dream. When he created this world, it wasn't only dream-like spirits of the Shadow Lord that was created, but also another version of Diabolos himself.
Dynamis how I remember it.

Unfortunately, this is where the story ends. Much like some other areas of the game, this storyline is left unfinished. Perhaps sometime in the future we will get another Dynamis expansion and have a completed storyline, until then...

Next Post: Abyssea & Campaign
Coming After: Voidwalkers & Voidwatch

Saturday, April 21, 2012

FFXIV: 'Welcome Back' and 'Legacy' campaigns begining soon!


In an attempt to reclaim the honor to the Final Fantasy Franchise, SquareEnix has announced two new campaigns starting with the upcoming mega-update, a.k.a. FFXIV Version 2.0. Plenty has changed Eorzea sense the last time I set foot there myself. From the "Nothing-changed from the Beta" days that was almost two years ago to the battle involving Ifrit and more, a good chunk of change has happened to the much-laughed at MMO. With 2.0 coming out in 2013 (Probably reflecting the PS3 release) players may find reason to return. 

First of the new campaigns is the "Welcome Back" campaign. Anyone who currently has an inactive account will be allowed free access to the game from May 9 (8 PM PST) and May 20 (11:59 PM PST). They will have access to new game-play features, Seventh Umbral Era content access, and the ability to participate in the new Primal Battle against Garuda

Second of the upcoming campaigns is the "Legacy Campaign" being offered to all FFXIV players who have been subscribed for at least 90 days between the start of version 2.0 beta testing and 1/6/12. These players will be offered a lower subscription rate ($9.99 verses $14.99), an in-game Chocobo mount, and your name in the credits. This will all be come to the life when the 2.0 update is released in early 2013.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

One Piece: Pirate Warriors English Trailer

Doesn't have any of the dubbed voices, but that doesn't mean it won't be dubbed. Check it out. Credit to! - Update - KO Beast 4/17

Rarer then a MissingNo, there was a .org update! Check it out over at 

If you've never heard of the series, you are the 99%!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Along with announcement of Dragon Ball Z: Kinect coming to the US, Namco-Bandai has also confirmed that we'll be seeing Luffy and his crew in the west  as well. Not much more information is given, other then we will have in our PS3s before the end of 2012.

I can swiftly guess we'll see this game on store shelves in September, or October at the latest. If September is the release, It may be playable at the Namco-Bandai booths at Anime Eexpo & Comic Con this year. Thanks to for the heads up.

UPDATE: WRONG! November 2012 will be the release date. I didn't want to wait that long, but that's ok..
Keep in mind this game sold 655,774 copies in it's first week in Japan. Also keep in mind that the series isn't as popular in the US as it is in Japan. Either way, I look forward to it!

FFXIII-2: Gilgamesh Arrives

Final Fantasy's Answer to Deadpool?
You may know him from FFV or VIII. Gilgamesh finally makes his appearance on a console FF game after what seems to be forever. Another DLC Character like Ultros, who you'll have to beat in the Colosseum before he'll join your side. This time he seems to be able to speak outside the third wall. He also uses guns as well as swords..

"Tomorrow expect clear skies with a chance of Pineapple Surprise."

$4 for adding him. Worth it for someone, right? I'd like to see some Free DLC once in a while too, Squeenix.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Takeshi Aono Passes Away 4/10/12

June 19, 1936 - April 10, 2012
You may not know him by name but you will know his voice. Takeshi Aono has been in the anime and seiyuu industry sense 1965. Some of his most famous roles where Kami-Sama/King Piccolo from Dragon Ball, Mihawk from One Piece, and Gambling King from Ramna 1/2.
 He also provided the Japanese voices for famous American characters such as Doc Brown from Back to the Future, Joker from Batman: The Animated Series, and Freddy Krueger.

Back in May of 2010, Aono ended his voice actor career after he was checked into a hospital for an aortic dissection. He suffered a stroke shortly thereafter. His death was announced on 4/10 via Eiko Hisamura's Twitter.

For more information, please check out his Wiki page at:

You will be missed. I plan to hold a original DB Piccolo Saga marathon in his memory soon.  

Soul of Chogokin Elenor RAcaseal

If you didn't think the other Elenor figure wasn't good enough or expensive enough, Bandai's Soul of Chogokin line will be released a figure of our Mag-loving RAcaseal from PSO. Here are some screen shots. Credit goes to TomoPop.
"Your wallet seems lighter sense we met.."

Don't get too excited kids. That red box is probably just a DB's Saber.

FFXI: SMN/WHM Soloing in Abyssea - La Theine! 4/9

Before I get into the details, here is some info on my SMN gear. I use HQ Elemental Staffs for all pets except Diabolos & Fenrir. They get the completed magian trail weapon for Dark Magic. As for gear, I use +1 Empy on everything except my legs where I currently use the base Caller's Spats until I get my last few SMN leg seals. With that in mind, I headed to Abyssea - La Theine to see what I could do.
Atma used are MM for MP, DC and Mount. Champion for pet tanking powers. I use MC for the Regen and Emnity- down. This allows me to either melee with my pet or keep spells like Dia and Flash on the mob while the fight.

First on my To-Do list was to attain a tier 3 VNM pop item for a future endeavor. Meditator was found with the Giant Wasps and was an easy kill. 1 hit from Garuda's Predator Claws too it down to 30%. Got Key Item upgrade first try so I headed east near the Psychopumps for the next fight. Brooder took longer to kill, but gave Garuda no issues. Occasionally had to have her heal herself, but it was cake. Once it was dead I luckily obtained the upgraded tier 3 pop. Lucky!

Onto another weak NM, Mangy-tailed Marvin. The only thing I saw value in was his Orison Cape, a WHM back piece that would give me 3%+ in my Cure potency. I used Ramuh for stunning Wild Carrot. I can tell you Wild Carrot heals Marvin for anywhere between 2800-3200 HP + adds a triple attack to the mob. The reason I know that is because I only stunned it 2/6 times. He was another easy kill. I could of set Ramuh on him and went to bed.

With 70 min left, I look through the tougher NMs of the zone I could get to easily. I decided on Ovni, who was near Conflux 7.

A little spoiler: I lost at 40%, but I strongly feel I could of won. Allow me to explain:
I prepared the usual way; Reraise, Stoneskin, and Blink. Summoned Shiva and ran under him for aggro. Once he dropped down, I realized something about my FFXI lifespan. After almost 9 years of playing, I never fought this family of mobs. In Sea, they were always avoided by my groups. Shiva's Heavenly Strikes (5/5) hit for about 900+ damage but the poor girl was almost dead by the time the mob was 95%. I made a little jog back to conflux 7 and summoned Garuda. I check my time and I was down to 45 min left in the zone and the mob was at 50% of life. Time went on as I used Pred. Claws (Wind Blade when mob's 2h was active.) and Healing Breeze. Eventually my time in zone was 30min and the mob was at about 35%. I knew if I didn't start increasing my damage output that I would time-out before I could kill. I decided I needed to switch to Ramuh and try to increase my damage output.
Ramuh has always been a good Tank/DamageDealer for Abyssea NMs. I often use him to tank Iron Giants and hold zone bosses for recoveries. He did the same here. With the added damage of his spikes and enthunder abilities, I knew we could take this thing down quicker. Unfortunately, Ovni here has enhanced movement speed and also goes back into the sky when being kited. Having Stoneskin/Blink up, I can usually handle an attack or two before pet regains hate. In this case it seems like he saved a TP move for me. Primal Drill hit me hard enough that every Tarutaru on the server probably felt it.

I do plan for a round 2, no doubt. Even though this mob doesn't have anything I really want, I want to kill it for the sake of doing so. For my round two:

1.) Go in with full time. I need to beat him one hour, but having that extra time will help with preparation.
2.) I'll try Leviathan. Being able to heal himself and super tank may help. If I need to make some distance between avatars, I will use the cliffs in La Theine to assist me.
3.) I'll grab some temp items such as Fool's Drink. They should help in case I get into a pickle!
I'll post how it turns out. See you online, Adventurers!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Anime Expo 2012: First Guest Annoucements

With only about 11 weeks left until Anime Expo 2012 and now we're starting to see what Guest of Honors will be appearing. First up is..

U.S. debute of Japanese Music Artist LiSA. There will be the usual meet & greet, panel, autograph signing, and of course a concert. LiSA burst onto the Japanese music scene with her roll in the anime "Angel Beasts!" and one of the vocolist for the in-show band "Girls Dead Monster." She also sings the current anime opening for the new "Fate/Zero." AniPlex also plans to bring some of LiSA's releases for your buying needs.

Next up is the first announced voice actor for Anime Expo:
Steve Blum, a.k.a. Spike from Cowboy Bepop, Roger from Big O.. Do I really need to keep name them all off? This man has been a staple for the American Anime Industry playing numerious key characters as well as voicing some well-known characters in American Cartoons. He will be holding a discussion panel, meet & greet, and autograph session. This may be the first year I try to get someone's autograph! (Ok, second year.. but I didn't get to keep that autograph as it was on my good friend Meghan's arm.)
Something also tells me that he'll be announcing something about Toonami at Anime Expo, if we don't hear anything before then. >.>
Stay tuned as more guests and events will be announced soon!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

.org back up!

Issue resolved. ^ ^ Now if only they would of updated it for me too.

Edit: And.. it's back down. On the phone with my host, so hopefully we'll be up very soon!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Model Kit Review: Gundam Exia 1/144 HG from Gundam 00

Having survived a move between houses, my Gundam Exia kit is finally completed. Let's get right to it!
Out of the Box:
This being my 9th model kit from the 00 series there was nothing very unexpected. I'd like to say if you've built either High Grades of 00 or one of the various Exia repaints/changed release, then you've built Exia. Most of the 00 series comes with the same types of joints and some similar body parts. Most of the kit was easily assembled with very few problems. My biggest gripe about this kit is some of the plastic ends not wanting to come out nicely. This lead to a small screw up removing the extra plastic from the very top of the head. As I mentioned before, this was my 9th 00 HG model kit and there where no surprises. Easy kit for anyone who's built a few kits already with minor flaws right out of the box.  3/5

Coloring & Detailing:
Let me tell you a little story before I go into this next section: I did my first few model kits back in the late 90's when Gundam Wing was the talk of the mecha town. I made 2-3 kits before my local Electronic's Boutique no longer sold them. I took a break that lasted until about two-three years ago. After seeing the Blood: The Last Vampire live action movie, one of my best friends who I'll call "Tenchi" for now took Yopo and myself to the local anime store in Las Vegas. (Tokyo Discount: A place for overpriced but awesome stuff.) I was looking through the items when I found a First Grade Exia Gundam for around $15. I considered buying it just to build a kit and to relive the experience I had previously. This kit would reopen the door to my model building future. Thanks to a little influence from Cable, his brother, and Tenchi, I got myself back into model kits full time.
This kit would not only be my reintroduction to model kits, but would also be my test subject for numerous model building techniques. This Exia was subbed "Bitch Exia", or "Test Exia" for my PG audience. Now, onto the review.
With most of the HQs, there was little detail needed. The more time you want take to detail the kit, the better it could potentially come out to be. There was a little painting a did on the "ears" and in a few minor places. A grey and black ultra thin marker were perfect for detailing. My goal with this kit was to honor "Bitch Exia" by giving this kit the most attention possible. I still think I have a long way to improve my model kit powers, but I wanted this kit to be almost a tribute to how much I've approved over the last year. This kit would of taken about an hour or two to detail for a normal person.

Stability & Movement:
Simple poses with or without a stand are available for all your posing needs. It's not as poseable as my 00 Raiser kit but has better movement than some of the Unicorn HGs that I've completed recently. The slim-figure of Exia makes it easy to balance but the lack in weight of the kit sometimes leads to the kit falling over if you put to much weight on one side. (Such as weapons.) Then again, at least he's able to hold all of his weapons. Seven Swords 00 can't stand with all of his weapons equipped unless you balance him using the weapons. 4/5
A simple kit that shouldn't take anyone as long as it took me. (Again, was moving during the last few months.) If you've built any of the Gundam HGs from the 00 series, then you've basically built Exia as well. Alot of similar pieces and stickers makes it seem repetitive when you've built a few, but overall it was a fun kit to build. If you can find this kit around $17, it'll be worth every penny.

There is an uprising brewing: "BRING TOONAMI BACK!"

If you turned onto watch Anime on Adult Swim this past weekend you, like myself and my fiance, we're surprised to see the beginning of a Gundam Wing episode instead of the catchy Durarara! intro. Adult Swim decided to play a little Toonami as a joke. Some people where confused, some cried tears of nostalgia, and some people switched it to another network. (The last was my house hold, but we kept going back every 30min to see what episode of what show was next. Nothing is as nice to fall asleep to as Big O. <3) After it was said and done, we even got a new scene of the Toonami host T.O.M. telling us "April Fools." Hell, the even tossed in a Mass Effect 3 review.

Shortly after, #adultswim tweeted a simple line:
Want it back? Let us know.

Within the last few days, over 10,000 people have retweeted it. Some other very amusing comments have appeared on the #BringBackToonami page as well.
Voice actor Yuri Lowenthal (Sasuke from Naruto and many many more) tweets

"Hey you know what should do? "

@blumspew, a.k.a. T.O.M voice actor (amoung other voices) Steve Blum replies
" Ok guys... Let's do this thing! "

Even people such as Kyle Hebert & Spiderman are supporting this. Let's see how this rocks.

This is not the first time Toonami's fanbase hasn't supported the show. The crew over at have been streaming old Toonami shows and more (uncensored versions of anime that was shown originally on Toonami.) Even has been showing anime such as Ranma 1/2 and movies reviewed by the fellows over at Rift Tracks.

Those who have been following Toonami from the start know about it's simple begining and it's untimely downfall. In 2004 the number of shows we're changed from anime action to kid anime action shows such as Duel Masters. Even though they still played great shows like Megas XLR and JL: Unlimited, the choice of programs would eventually decline. Spamming Bakugan, Yugioh, and MegaMan Starforce is what probably killed the ratings.  If Toonami is able to come back, it can easily replace the CN action block and take over shows that are currently already playing on Cartoon Network.
Make a dream line up, you say? Don't mind if I do!

Like Adult Swim, I feel Toonami should be an entree of new shows with a side of popular reruns and finished with popular nostalgia.Current shows like the new ThunderCats would fit in perfectly with Toonami as well as others.

Possible ideas for new Toonami shows: One Piece (New Dub. People will love it.), Rock Lee & His Ninja Pals (Naruto Parody SpinOff), and New Batman series (Isn't it that time yet?), Gundam Age (Would be perfect!)

Do you remember what T.O.M. on the final Toonami run?
"So, until we meet again, stay gold. Bang."
Let's meet again soon, T.O.M.!

How do you feel about this? Feel free to leave a comment and let us over at HuntersGuild know how much you want Toonami back!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Code Geass: Akito the Exiled - Staff and More Characters Revealed

The offical Japanese Code Geass: Akito the Exiled website ( has been updated with three new characters and staffing credits. The original characters that were revealed now have voice talent attached to them. Akito will be played by Mayu Irino while Reila will be played by Maaya Sakamoto. The newly reveled characters are Ryo a general for the E.U., the information collector Yukiya, and finally the sword-wielding Ayano.

I look forward to see her in action. /ecchi

The website also reveals key staff members including mecha designers from the original Code Geass series, Kenji Teraoka, Takashi Miyamoto, and Takumu Sakura. Check out the full listing at the original site. For you English speakers, ANN has also released a translated artical here.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Some very random things I found cleaning my computer!

This was a potential comic for parody comics. Maybe one day..

An old screen saver. I love this.
The never made unofficial sequel to "Who Wants to Win the Rose Bride."
My icon for when my original website went from "Shin-chan's" to "Kaji's"
First top-pick as Kaji's.

My favorite top-picture from the old site. This was right before we changed to
Finally, my mad paint skills circa 1999ish,
Hope you enjoyed this trip through memory lane as much as I had. ^^x

TV Series Review: The Walking Dead Season 2

After a very impressive first season of The Walking Dead, AMC's new hit show returns for a second season to remind us that during the zombie apocalypse you should be more concerned with the living then the dead. There be spoilers ahead, so read on with caution. Dead men may tell no tales, but the undead sure make a fun story.

STORY: The first episode started with something we haven't seen sense the first episode of season 1. A herd of walkers taking a walk though the highway that our protaganists just so happen to be stopping at. During this, Carol's daughter Sophia decides to get aggro and take a run into the nearby woods. (In the MMO world, we call this "Training." Training as in the one that goes "Chochoo", not the one that Goku seems to do every season of DB.) Two walkers give chase as Rick peruses opening up Season 2 with a little panic. This sets up what I call "Season 2 Part 1: Hershel's Farm & Finding Sophia Arc." The story slows down a little after the first few episodes. We get a few wow factor's from Shane and a great part with Daryl being completely delusional. Moving onto the 3 month gap "Rick & Shane's Relationship Issues Arc", the story blossoms out as Rick's relationship with Shane starts to turn from best friends to rival's for Lori's heart. Unfortunately, neither of them seem to realize that Lori is a bitch and the show would probably be better off if they worked together and ignored Lori. Despite the slow slump near the end of the mid-season the story picks up nicely giving us a season I was ready to watch again as soon as it was over. 4.5/5

DIRECTION: I've always stood by the idea of following the original story perfectly, but I find myself saying the opposite with The Walking Dead.
They took the basics of the comic and used new twists and turns to toss off the readers of the comic. Some character have lived longer then there comic counterpart, and some have died quicker. Like I stated earlier, usually I'm the guy that can tell you what they changed from the book/novel/manga to the movie/series and why they should of kept it. This, like the Death Note movies, is a great exception. You never know who's going to be bit next, shot accidentally, or have sexual intercourse. Even introducing characters that are not from the comic have been benefiting the show. (Google Dixon Chicks, and you'll see why.) 5/5

CHARACTERS: Character development has come along way from season one. Rick is starting to change to suit this new world. Characters such as Shane and Carol are seeking deeper in a darkness while newly introduced characters such as Hershel and Maggie are making the story even sweeter. One of my favorite developments in this season character wise is Shane. We did not get to see him this far into the comics. Rick's best friend also is the mirror image of Rick himself. Where Rick is holding onto his humanity, Shane believes that the time to be humane is over. The only thing this season suffers from is the "red shirts." People who where introduced early in the season who you knew would be dead by the end. I guess everyone needs a little fodder, but let's hope the impact of their deaths lasts intro season 3. Even if it's only a little. 4.5/5

AUDIO: The music is nothing short of perfect to the tone of this series. It's nothing I'd run out and buy in a CD form, but still fits the series extremely well. 5/5

VISUAL: Even though there was less money to be spent per episode, Season 2's special effect department was on the ball here. All of the walkers looked like they would walk right though the TV. Some of the CG blood from head shots looked a little to CG, but then again I've never seen anyone take a bullet to the head in real life to compare. Know a few people who I woulden't mind practicing on. j/k 5/5

OVERALL: This season was a thrill ride. If they can keep things interesting as they have been, season 3 will be nothing short of eye-popping, jaw-dropping, underpants-accidenting excitement. From the moment the credits rolled and a commercial came on for "The Talking Dead," I popped right over to to preorder season 2 on DVD. 4.8/5


Best Line: "I can't profess to understand God's plan, but when Christ promised a resurrection of the dead, I just thought he had something a little different in mind."
Best Scene: Shane & Rick Finally Settle Things. The moon setting while they stand on the hill. Fantastic!
Best Surprise: A Wild Michonne Appears! Could not of asked for a better way to introduce a new character.

Worst Line: "Where's Carl?" Carl became the kid who never listens this season. Whenever he's told to stay put, he sneaks away. I blame his mom. :D
Worst Scene: Lori's Car Accident. Seriously? You could not look at the map BEFORE you started driving?
Worst Surprise: "What the hell do you mean, February?!" 6 episodes. 6 episodes after waiting almost a year. We where promised 12 season 2 episodes, and we eventually got it after the 3 month gap between the mid-season finale. Way to keep me wanting.

End of Spoilers!!; Still having problems.

Will be calling my service provider on Monday to figure out what the hell has been going on. I'll have a couple posts to fill in your Kaji needs in the meantime. Till then, enjoy dancing baby Finn.