Sunday, June 23, 2013

Final Fantasy XIV - "Crystal's Call" E3 2013 Trailer

As another E3 passes by we are left with a little more information of the once battered world of FFXIV. As the Beta moves into it's third (out of four) phases, Producer & Director Yoshi-P brought us two trailers for players to see how far along the game has come thus far. The first is a trailer called "Crystal's Call" in which numerous cut-scenes are played with full voice acting to show off the epic storyline to come. Check it out and I'll tell you my feelings about it shortly. 

Epic trailer bogged down by what seems to me like rushed voice acting. I am looking forward to this game as if I am awaiting a return of a great friend, but I dearly hope that most of these voices are recorded again or that we are given the choice of switching the default language to Japanese. I'm not complaining about the voices themselves but perhaps a little more passion is needed for some of these scenes. Other then that, the scenes themselves look great considering this is an MMO. After my vacation from FFXI on SWtOR and DCU, I can tell not all MMORPGs can make epic scenes such as this. 

E3 also gave us more information regarding the Arcanist class which will be a Damage/Heal over time class aided by our little blue friend Carbuncle. This is also the first time in FFXIV that a single class can become two separate jobs: Scholar, who focuses on team support with help of a grimore and a pixie friend & the previously announced Summoner, who is given a fraction of power from the Primal Gods to assist the party in damage, tanking, and more. Hopefully this will be the start of a second job choice for the other classes as well. May I speculate for a moment? Let's say we may be looking at a future where a Pugilist could not become a Monk but perhaps become a Ninja as well? Marauder's second choice being a Samurai? Archer to Corsair? Conjurer becoming a Red Mage? The possibilities in my mind are endless. ^^x

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Project X Zone - U.S. Release Trailer 2

Check out the attached trailer for Bandai Namco's awesome 3DS cross over, Project X Zone. If you can't wait to try it out there is a demo on the Nintendo 3DS eShop that will toss you right into battle with Ryu, Ken, Kite, Black Rose, Soma, and many more. Any fan of the Super Robot Wars game will also be interested in this epic three-way cross over. Due out later this month!

Here is hoping it can tide me over for a few. ^^x