Friday, August 26, 2016

Valkyria: Azure Revolution

Sega of Japan has began screening a new teaser for the upcoming Valkyria: Azure Revolution for release on the PS4 and PSVita. The game will be released in Japan territories in January, so maybe we might get it by next summer. I've learned not to fully trust Sega to release a title in the states until it is released. (I am looking at you PSO2, Valkyria Chronicles 3, ect.) 

 The game boasts an entirely new storyline, new graphics system "GOUACHE," and a new battle system "LeGION." 

From the game's official website:

From the plentiful Ragnite came the "magical art," and it brought the people many blessings. From the people, there were a select few who saw Ragnite's industrial potential, and started heavy magical industries to exploit it, and make it available to everyone. So began the "Azure Revolution," a great industrial revolution that changed the world.
The Azure Revolution transformed industry and society itself, with the Ragnite resource marking a turning point in history, and changing the face of warfare as well. The age of monarchy had begun.
In 1853, a hundred years after the beginning of the Azure Revolution, the small southern European nation of Jutland launched an assault against a base of the Rus Empire, one of the world's great powers. In accordance to its principles, the Rus Empire retaliated with an economic blockade and embargo, and in time Jutland was impoverished. Jutland proclaimed "independence and liberation from the colonialism of the great powers" and declared war on the Rus Empire, who employed a Valkyria in its ranks.
The young men and women who participated in what would later be called the "Miraculous War of Liberation" will be judged to be the greatest criminals in history. This is a war of liberation that hides a motive of personal revenge.

I'd like to express the love I have towards the first two games of the series, and that I truly hope for a release in the states. 

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

I Still Function

Hiya Blogspot Friends~! I hope all is well. Maybe there will be something coming here soon, maybe not. I miss posting, I really do. School and work still are my priorities, but perhaps I should still make time to post here? I have began my "Destination - Teach!" blog which will follow my journey to becoming the bane of all teenagers - a History Teacher. 

Stay tuned. :D