Friday, January 27, 2012

One Epic Picture from the Evangelion Manga Chapter 86

When I get time, I'm going to go though this and edit out the binding in the middle to make one awesome B&W wallpaper!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Gaming: Another Challenger Appears! SNK Playmore introduce a new NeoGeo Handheld!

   Like an unexpected friend showing up at your house, SNK Playmore has announced a new NeoGeo portable system out of the blue. The last time SNK tried this they were met with lukewarm reception and little support for the Neo Geo Pocket / Pocket Color. The original NeoGeo Pocket brought us early GBA-like games in a GameBoy Color era with titles like Fatal Fury & King of Fighters receiving their own ports.
   This new system shows a little promise: With 4.3" screen, two gigs of internal storage, room for a memory card (perhaps for games?) and also 20 classic NeoGeo games included. The games range from fighting game classics like World Heroes and KoF '94 to shooters like MAN-1975 and Metal Slug.

   In these times where Nintendo & Sony are having difficulty due to cell phone & ipad games, is there really room for another portable system? Will this be an affordable alternative to other portables? Or is it just SNK Playmore trying to milk the SNKow for more milk?

   For future reference, I do own two Neo Geo Pocket Colors >.>;

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Review: Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Tenkaiichi (PS3)

Here we are again, another year has passed and another Dragon Ball game is released. The fan voted title of "Ultimate Tenkaiichi" is very misleading, as this is not a tenkaiichi/sparkling game. After 6 Tenkaiichi-like games, is this change for the better?
"Don't worry Ma'am, I'm from Fan Fiction!"

Story: This game plays through two story modes, the first being dedicated to the DBZ history. Like Kai, the game starts with Bardock's betrayal against Freeza. If you like the new Kai-like animation and voice actors, you'll settle right into this game. If you are a Kai hater, you'll have to deal with it or turn it to Japanese. Story plays out normally starting with the Saiyan's approach to the end of GT and the questionable battle against Omega Shenron. The second mode allows you to create your own warrior, with limited choices at start. With only 3 styles, 3 haircuts (Goku-like, Vegeta SSJ3-like, and Bald), and only a handful of costumes you start out looking like a Chinese Knock-Off "Dragoon Ball" figure you'd find at a swap meet. Work your way though a sometimes comical though sometimes annoying hero mode to unlock new haircuts, costumes, auras, and super moves. Eventually even being able to unlock the ability to transform into a Super Saiyan yourself! Screw Cannon, Kaji's going SSJ!
All in all, Hero & History modes are great for long time fans and even new fans. The original story's retelling is well done with either new animation or in-game models acting out parts. Little changes such as Goku grabbing onto Raditz last second are great, but turning around and having Raditz down on one-knee while proclaiming that there will be more Saiyans one year from now coming doesn't look right. Hero mode's story sometimes seems like a bad fanfiction, but at the same time feels like a good play on the DBZ universe. Within a few fights you'll run into things like fighting Captain Ginyuu for leader of the Ginyuu Force to helping Androids #17 & #18 finding out that protecting each other is a very human thing to be doing. 4/5

The Look: This game looks fantastic. Absolutely the best looking game to date with lush colors sweeping the battle field to very detailed character design. Wear-and-tear on characters returns as the battles become longer and blasts look fantastic in this game. Just charging your energy on the ground makes for a great looking scene. Some of the cutscenes could of used a little work as the mouth movement sometimes feels unnatural in both languages. I won't knock it down a whole point for such a little thing though. 4.5/5

The Sound: The music here is what we've come to expect in a DBZ game. Soft rock mixed in with a little heavy rock and the occasional Cha-La-Head-Cha-La playing during times when you are at full power is welcoming. The music everywhere else is boring and uneventful. What is seriously wrong with Okatron 2000? Even the characters sound phoned in, and not just the English actors. Even the Japanese cast isn't as provoking as I'd of hoped for. Then again, saying the same line for 20 years probably would get to me as well. Anyone remember the "Up, and Atom" line from the Simpsons? Or any line from the Simpsons for that matter?  1/5

Most non fans would assume this is a canon DB character.
The Feel: Even though it's being sold as a Tenkaiichi game, don't let it fool you. The game plays more like an update of Burst Limit mixed with a little of the old Dragon Ball Z Densetsu/Legends game. The control itself is no more complicated then a SNES game. Simple commands will allow you to pull off combos with a button tap or super moves with a slight movement of the right stick. The game comes down to three mini-game type strategies.
First two will either be a melee battle where you will find yourself trying to combo, block, dodge, or break a block while using the main three buttons. Long range battle is more of the same except you're blasting with energy replacing combos. Both leader into the next mini-game I like to call "I'll pick a button, you'll pick a button. If you guessed right, you win! If I guess right, you'll suffer a lot of damage!" The game comes down to quick-time events and mini-game like button smashing. This isn't terrible though. A little refining could of made this pretty epic, but at least it's simple enough to have as a party game. No where near as complicated as the controls were in Raging Blast 2. Good for large groups, but the game itself starts to feel bland once you've played for about 30min. 3/5

The Filling: If you're a completest, this game should keep you well handled for some time. With a story mode, three different types of heroes to make for hero mode, and all of the normal DBZ game stuff such as museum collection and VS mode online and local player you should be kept pretty busy. I, myself will have a hard time keeping time on this game as I get really bored with the fighting about 45 minutes into game. For the most part this game can keep you busy. Although, there is something deeply lacking in this game but who can add more to a fighting game? I did not have internet on my PS3 at the time to test online mode, so I won't judge that at this current time. 4/5.

Why did Bojack fused with Gohan and steal Broly's pants?!

Overview: Overall this isn't a terrible DBZ game, as that award goes to Dragon Ball Z: Taiketsu for the GBA. It's also not the best, as I gave that award to Tenkaiichi 3. For hard core fighting game types, this isn't for you. Casual DBZ gamers and even family and friends are welcome to play this game. The simple controls would allow a father to have an even fight against his 10 year old daughter, or having friends over who don't have time to learn how to dodge, teleport, and pull off super moves. I'll definitely look at purchasing this game in the near future, but for now it goes back to GameFly! Total: 3.3/5

Sure, Bardock. I guess so..

Monday, January 23, 2012

Anime: Code Geass - Oz the Reflection Announcement

  In light of a new anime movie, oav, and two musicals AnimeNewsNetowork has posted an announcement of a new manga series. Actually, it will be two different manga in two different magazines running the same story from the view of two different characters. Check out this artical for more!

No worries, Bandai is making model kits!

Manga: New Evangelion Chapter 88 Released!

   Check out for a long awaited chapter of the original Evangelion Manga! As a non-spoiling post, here is probably the coolest picture from character 85. Check out the actual chapter at! For those of you who haven't read any of the recent chapters, head back to chapter 83-84 and start there. Though much like the End of Eva movie, the manga also adds more action and more detail of what is happening to our favorite 13 year old trio.

I need this in full color and H.D. ^^

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

N3DS: Demos start off on tomorrow's eStore!

   Nintendo has been very active with their DSi and 3DS eStore adding at least 2-5 games per week, a weekly video featuring a mildly attractive girl, and game videos often. Starting tomorrow, 1/19/12, Nintendo will start offering the much anticipated demo section of the eStore. Starting with the gold, Nintendo will first present us with a demo for the upcoming Resident Evil: Revelations.
   Gamasutra also reports that we'll be seeing a demo of Cooking Mama 4. We'll also have to look forward to demos of Mario & Sonic: London Games, Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D, Rhythm Thief, Rayman 3D, and many more in the upcoming months.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Anime: Media Blasters to Re:Release Fushigi Yugi

   Media Blasters has released cover art for the upcoming re:release of Fushigi Yugi starting with season one, a.k.a. "Suzaku Box." The weird thing is nobody happen to mention this re:release of a former Pioneer (Geneon) anime. Release date is slated for April of 2012.
   I previously watched the entire series though fansubs back in the late 1990's and rewatched again (dub version) with the family in 2011. The series came during a time when anime was starting to become more popular in America, but before the "Let's license everything!" scare of the early 2000s. Anime lasted two seasons reaching the main story to mirror the manga release by Yuu Watase. It also spawned three separate OAVs, a manga spinoff, character song CDs, and tons of other stuff. This series is great for getting young women into anime as well as a little bit of action to keep most guys watching. It is one of the few "Shojo" series I still own to this day. I recommend it to anyone, but be willing to watch a few episodes in before things get really good.

Anime: Code Geass New Anime Info & Live Action Stage Play!

   Even though Cable beat me to the new Anime movie, Akito the Exiled, there has been more than just a new anime movie announced. After a good chunk of time hearing nothing about Code Geass (Other then the most recent manga, Shikkoku no Renya) in the recent months, suddenly 2012 blows us away with not only the new anime movie but also another anime being produced as well as an on stage live action musical.
Best of friends, Worst of enemies.
   Titled Code Geass: Majin ni Sasageru Prelude (something along the lines of "Prelude to Sorcerer's Dedication or something. Honestly, I only know the word "Majin" from old Dragon Ball translations.) It will be on-stage in Tokyo late June and feature an all male cast. The all-male cast reminds me of the all female Utena musical cast, even though the idea of a man dressed like C.C. will make me question many things about myself..
   Majin ni Sasageru Prelude isn't the only stage adaption Code Geass is getting! Along with the musical, a stage play that takes place sometime after episode 9 of the original anime. Unlike the musical, it will feature a different cast as well as on stage mecha battles performed on stage. This will be playing on stage in Tokyo from April 7th to the 16th.
   Finally, the new anime production titled "Nannally in Wonderland." In this story, Lelouch uses his Geass power to put Nannally into a dreamlike state to visit her favorite book, Alice in Wonderland. Judging by the art released with this announcement, it's safe to say that Lelouch will be playing the part of the Mad-Hatter.
   I would like to take a couple shots in the dark with some of the following roles, and let's see how close  I get.

March Hare - Rolo
Queen of Hearts - Kallen
Cheshire Cat - C.C. 
Catepiller - Jeremiah Gottwald
Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum - Ohgi & Tamaki
The White Rabbit - Suzaku

Let's see how close I get when "Nannally in Wonderland" is released on BluRay & DVD. 

Music: Ayumi Hamasaki Files for Divorce

   Anime News Network reported that on Monday morning, Japanese Pop Singer Ayumi Hamasaki filed for divorce. Married in Las Vegas, NV at a local chapel to Manuel Schwarz last year. Known for her popular music including the third ending to Inu Yasha as well as the first Inu Yasha movie ending. Well, who wants to get in line to attempt to become her next husband?

Saturday, January 14, 2012

We're back!

Everything is up and back to normal now. Website and email are both working now. I'll be resuming posts shortly. :D In the meantime, enjoy the wallpaper!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012 Update

   Taking a little longer then expected to get the domain name reopened. Should be back up, hopefully, by tonight.
Thanks for your patience. ^^ 

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Downtime for the .org

  We'll be experiencing some random downtime possibly until Monday. I'll let you know more on this later. I'll also be posting a new main image for the blog to celebrate hitting over 100 posts. ^^

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Rurouni Kenshin Live Action: More pictures! (again!)

Looks right out of the Manga/Anime! has released new shots of the live action Rurouni Kenshin movie. The shots show the battle of Kenshin verses Jin-e, played by Kouji Kikkawa. Every time another picture or a snippet of info is released, I get a little more fired up for this movie!

All of the pictures can be found here.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Year 2011: In Memoriam

   2011 was a very eventful year in my life, and I'd like to take a moment to honor the loss of loved ones. I don't feel the need to mention any names nor get into much detail, but I'd like to take a moment for them and anyone else that we lost in 2011. Our thoughts are always with you, and your memories will forever be engraved in our hearts. Death is as common as life, and it's all apart of how reality works.
     I never really liked saying "loved ones," as it felt a little past tense. I'll never fully understand English, despite the fact that it is my first language. Thanks for letting me have this moment.