Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sega Saturn: Unboxing

   Finally! I've replaced my old burnt out Sega Saturn with a new one. Sucker cost me about $20 more then I wanted to spend, but in the end I am extremely please with it. Picked it up in Las Vegas at a store called GameWorld. The only draw back is that I still need a working 4meg Action Replay card (I own 3 that do not work...) and that I need to replace the internal battery (easy.) Soon I'll be able to go back to my awesome collection of anime games and arcade perfect Capcom games. *.* Happy Day Sir...
The "Video Game Sampler" didn't come enclosed, but I already owned it. XD
   After popping open the box:

I find not only all of the components cleaned up, but it also came with most of the original packaging and the instruction manual.
My favorite controller ever.
Something I've never seen before!
In my opinion, the best Sega console ever.
Now to set it up for the 100th time..

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Upcoming Projects 2/23/11;
Going to work on getting that main page's frame not to mess up for people who have older versions of I.E. and people who have 1024x768 desktops. Also, I'll be uploading a teaser for the Evangelion website as well as uploading a few new images.

Model Kits:
Finish my custom project (Expect pictures this weekend) and start work on this wonderful kit:
Bitches don't know 'bout SSJ Son Goku!
Saiyan Kick!!
Previously I did the MG Goku, as seen below.

My current favorite model kit I own.
I think I'll also see if I can get my good buddy over at Temporal Flux to come over, I'll take some good pictures of my current complated model kits.

Also, I'll be taking some time aside to unlock some more RG2 characters, and get some MvsC3 in. ^^

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Dragon Ball GT: A Honest Review. Episode 1

DISCLAIMER: The following is an honest review of Dragon Ball GT. Before you say "Pfft, GT? I'd rather eat my own after-birth!" you should really take a moment to read what I have to say. To start, I was never a big GT fan due to the fact that it wasn't Toriya-made. This feeling I had was a childish-fanboy-bitch that, as a twenty-eight year old, I look back on and say "Wow, I was really immature to not even give this a chance." That is where these reviews come in. I want to give an honest opinion of GT, watching it from a new point of view. I will rate not only the story-line, but the character development and actions, music, animation, and overall presentation of the series.
   I started watching fan-subs of DBZ back in the mid-90s when the Buu Saga was new, so I was there in the AOL chat rooms, chatting it up with fellow fans about the end of the Buu Sags, and the forthcoming GT. Right away even before it premiered there was doubt and dismay. Listening to my online chat buddies, I mostly ignored GT when it premiered in early 1996. Only keeping tabs on what was happening threw rants and complaints, I was given a bad impression at first. After reading some episode reviews, I noticed they where going for the more light-hearted path such as the one found in Dragon Ball, and not the Balls-to-the-Wall Battle-For-The-Sake-Of-Everything. Then about half-way threw the series, around later 1996, when the series decided to turn back into what it was before. GT was having self-identification issues. It wasn't going to end well. Once the "Baby Saga" was over, they started really running on fumes it seemed. So, I gave up on it and started watching other anime. I now feel it's time to give GT a real chance.
   Now, this is where one of my friends would jump in and save me from the on-coming fanboy-raged-powered-Mega-Train that was headed my way. I'll be giving GT an honest review, as said before. Let's start this!

If mine had black-stars on them, I'd go to my doctor.
Episodes 1
"Nazo no Doragon Bōru Shutsugen!! Gokū ga Kodomo ni!?" or "A Devastating Wish"
As Goku and Uub are finishing up training, Emperor Pilaf returns once more to make a wish to become a King. Unfortunately, he accidentally wishes Goku to be a kid again! Once reunited with his family, (and devastated wife.) Goku learns from King Kai that the only way he can return to normal is to make another wish on the Black Star Dragon Balls. King Kai also points out that the Earth will explode if the Black Star Balls aren't returned to Earth in one year.

    This opens 10 years after DBZ ends, opening with Goku giving Uub his final test. This it a great way to return to where the series left off. The reactions of Mr. Popo & Dende/Kami are amusing as their home is slowly being destroyed by the Saiyan and the Reincarnated Buu. (It was the Evil Buu who destroyed the lookout in the previous series as well...>.>;) I really enjoyed the return of Pilaf and his henchmen, and knowing that they're still trying to take over the world after all these years dispute their failures in the past makes me not feel so bad about being at the same job for 6 years. XD
    Goku's reactions running into Pilaf, getting turned into a kid, and going out to eat a large meal definitely felt like the real Goku was there and ready. Pan, who is now around 15 (I think?) and on a date with a boy from school. (Is dating ok at 15?! I'm not sure, my daughter is only 10.. maybe I need parental advise from Gohan?) The family's reaction to Goku's child-like body is expected, but what's interesting is their daily life. Without Goku there or the Earth being under attack, the Son Family has become pretty docile. Gohan, now married to Videl and dressed for success, Goten, now a teen who is more interested in going out with girls. Chi Chi remains the same devoted mother, with help from Videl. Storyline and characters worked out real well in these episodes.
    The animation during the episode was pretty good, but still lacking in colors. Goku looks great, as do Pan and Uub. Gohan and the rest of the family is drawn much simpler, taking main characters from the previous series and making them powered-down background characters doesn't seem fair, but I see it as a needed adjustment.
   Music is done very well. Instrumental versions of the opening are welcome, as it remains one of my favorite songs. (I have the Field of View, Zard, and Shoko versions on my MP3 player)
   The Japanese cast does great (considering 3 of them are the same person..) in picking up where they left off, as does the American cast. The dub uses my favorite Kid Goku voice, so they get super-props on that. Unsure how the dub in the original release was, the Japanese music with the American dub from the remasters really sets the series in a good direction. Even the opening being dubbed, despite my feelings towards it being dubbed, was well translated.

I will be following up shortly with episode 2 review.

Sorry, wrong Black Star~

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Follow up to Dragon Ball disc error!


In lieu of a receipt, you will need to provide a picture/scan of the back of the box, clearly showing the UPC.


Product Concerns"

So, here we are Funi~
Who's else has neck pain while looking at this?
Hopefully I'll get a reply soon so I can finally watch the last few episodes of Z for the 100th time. :D

Monday, February 14, 2011

Dragon Ball Z Season 9: Epic Disc 6 Error

One of the view covers I agree'd with.
   Saturday Morning; A day I usually spend with my daughter watching anime/tv or playing softball. Alas, as per her request, we have finally gotten to the last box set of Z. As we're traveling thru disc to disc, we come to disc 5/6. As I pull disc 5 out, I notice the picture on disc 6 looks slightly different. I place the 5th disc into the PS3 to start it up. I then take disc 6, now noticing it says "SEASON 6" on it, and pop it into ye ol' computer and give it a boot. To my horror, I became the owner of a second disc 6 for season 6, but do not own season 9 disc 6. I double check by going into the episode guide and sadly I come to the realization that I do not own DBZ Season 9 disc 6. (Though I now own 2 copies of Season 6 disc 6...)

   I purchased the season in Las Vegas, about 1.5hours away from my house. Returning it to the store I got it from would not be possible. So, to email Funimation.


We are sorry to hear you have experienced a problem with a FUNimation title.

Please reply to this email with a scan of the receipt attached and with a physical address (not a PO Box.) Once we receive this information we will begin to process your request.


Product Concerns"

    "DAMNIT!" I do not remember where I left this reciept.

    Moral of the post? You should always check the product before you misplace the recipet. Hopefully, Funimation will be able to replace it still. Guess I'll find out as soon as I get another reply. ; ;

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Real Grade Complete! RX-78-2 Complete! And a little preview if you like to see past the subject..

Sup, Bitches.
   Finally completed last night around 9:30pm, I have finished the last bit of building and the decals for the RX-78-2 Real Grade Gundam. Definitely one of most complicated models I've done thus far. (Consider I've only done 2 Master Grades.) The decals came plentiful, and I only messed up on two of them. You won't notice the little light gray box on his back upper thigh nor will you notice the small sticker that went in the middle of his chest. Of course, until I mentioned it or if you've done this model before.

Ignore the little piece next to the Tamiya Color. >. >  

        The only issues I had with this kit was the smallest pieces tend to not want to stay in place. I can't tell you how often the jet on his back wants to fall off, and I hate that I can never get his thumb positioned correctly. Never the less, I'm very much looking forward to doing another Real Grade once I've plowed threw a couple other projects. ^^

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Review: Dragon Ball Raging Blast 2 - PS3

Goku: "Freeze, You mad?"
    The 2nd installment of the Raging Blast, or 5th installment of the Sparkling/Tenkaiichi series, Raging Blast 2 brings a little more to table for fans of the long-going series. Does this game ascend to a level beyond Super Saiyan, or is it just a raging failure.

The Story: Sense the PS2 Budokais, DBZ games have always stuck with the tried and true story line. Usually starts with Goku and/or Piccolo VS Raditz, and worked it's way through the battles to either the Cell Games, End of Z, or End of GT. RG2 tosses the original story mode aside, and instead gives us Galaxy Mode. A outside world map, kind of reminiscent of Super Mario 3, letting you follow certain paths to different battles. Throughout these battles, you can unlock items to customize your characters, unlock new characters and levels, costumes, and art. For a fighting game in general, it makes the depth of the game last a lot longer then a generic arcade mode. 5/5

The Look: A vast improvement from the previous entries. A lot more details when it comes down to damaged characters, energy blasts, level damage, and the fact that you can find yourself in a pile of rocks once knocked down is icing on the cake. The animation when the characters are talking could use a little improvement, and only other complaint, may it be just fan-boy bitching, is that I miss the characters going from super forms to base forms when taking a high amount of damage. It's strange to me to be knocked out on the ground as SSJ3 Goku. Again, fan-boy bitching. 5/5

Gohan Smash!

The Sound: Those who didn't like the music from the previous series will be glad to see a a new soundtrack in each level. Nothing amazing, but still music that goes with the battles. There is a moment of bad-ass when you or your opponite uses "Raging" mode, and "Battle of the Omega", the games opening song, starts to play. The only thing that would be more bad-ass is \"Libera Me"\ From Hell from Gurren Laggan started playing instead. 3/5

The Feel: Tossing aside a lot of the controller issues from the previous game, RG2's controller scheme is a little more simple. Basic taps or double-taps of buttons do movement speed increases and the combo system is a little less broken. (No more full power-up, and spam attack on till gauge runs out.) Timing is still needed for people who want to be able to dodge melee attacks, or jump out of the way of major attacks. You can also now deflect attacks, destroying any back-ground element that may be in the way of the blast. When character's beam attacks clash, the game gives you a second to realize that moves are clashing, making it easier to defend yourself. The game still needs a run though Training mode to get a good feel, but the game is a lot easier to pick up then previous installments. It's not perfect, yet. 4/5

The Fillings: With about 60 base characters and their 40 variants/transformations/fusions, you can create almost every battle from Dragon Ball Z/Kai. While the character count isn't as high as Tenkaichi 3, removing original DB and GT characters, the amount of characters there are still are near 100. Adding some more villains, such as Hachiyack from the "Plan to Eradicate All Saiyans" add on movie, Tarble from the most recent "Son Goku and His Friends Return!" special, and useless one-shot movie enemies smooths out the play list quite far, but I'd rather of had King Cold over Dore. I can't even remember what movie he came in. Cooler? I bet you couldn't remember without looking either.
    Having different super moves and ultimates though customization makes it to where you're not always going to be fighting a Goku that uses "Instant Kamehameha." The 10 levels from the first RB game return with 4 new ones, including my new favorite "Dark Planet." Single Player mode boosts 2 modes of fighting (sorry, not counting Training and Practice.), while multilayer sports the usual PvP/PvCPU/CPUvsCPU, and obligatory tournament mode has various forms. Online mode that promises to be better then the past game's, and a museum that houses unlocked pictures, sound clips, music, and movies (Including the Re:Rendered Plan to Eradicate the Saiyans, or as some people think, the DBZ OAV.) round out the last bit of stuff. Detail in battle is even increased, adding special effect and dialog during battles as well as "Battle of Omega" playing while in Raging mode. Another great effect in battle is team attacks, used by fulfilling certain reactions. For players who like Goku and Krillin to team up, you'll find that when Goku falls in battle he can give some Spirit Bomb/Genkidama energy to Krillin for a Super Team Attack, like seen during the Goku VS Vegeta fight early in Z. Despite all these great improvements, a 2 on 2 mode and larger levels are still needed. 4/5

"Have you seen our Daddy?"
Overview: If you own Tenkaichi 1-3 and Raging Blast, you may want to wait till a 3rd game is announced before you purchase RG2. It's a great DBZ game, but thats as it stands we may get an even better game later on. Like 95% of anime games, the main audience is fans of the series, as well as people who are willing to pay $50 for a slightly better game and a 30min animated special they may have only seen in small quicktime movie files. As a fan, I do plan on purchasing it, but not at full price. I'll wait till I get a Gamefly Coupon and the game is under $40. As it may seem like I've talked greatly about this game, but my overview may seem crude, please remember that I bought Burst Limit day 1, and forever re great it. It's going to take a little more to get me to buy another DBZ game on day 1.
Good for fans of the series, maybe decent for others, but don't force your friends to play just because you have no one to show off to.
Four Bitchy Fanboys out of Five. 4/5

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3 confirmed for Summer 2011 release!

Quoted from GameStop;

"Namco Bandai has gone on a game-announcement bender this week, confirming the impending releases of Dark Souls, Armored Core V, and Tales of Graces F, as well as indicating that new Power Rangers games are en route. Now, one more title can be added to that list, as the publisher today said that it would release Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3 on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in the US this summer.
Like previous installments in the series, Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3 is a sci-fi take on Tecmo Koei's long-running Dynasty Warriors beat-'em-up franchise. Gundam fans will find more than 50 characters and 70 mobile suits that can be played and customized, all gleaned from the series' 30-year anime and manga history. These playable options include additions from the Mobile Suit Gundam 00 and Mobile Suit Gundam UC series.
Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3 will also boast a handful of tweaks over previous installments in the series. Namely, the game includes three new feature systems--Partner Strike, Emergency Dash, and Recovery Gauge Systems--which the publisher claims will amp up its focus on tactics. The game also includes an online versus mode and a four-player cooperative campaign.
Released as Gundam Musou 3 in Japan last December, the game has already proven successful for Namco Bandai. As part of its nine-month earnings report this week, the publisher said the game has sold more than 430,000 units through December."

Wait a second... 4-player co-op?! Alright guys, time to break out some Gundam W anarchy! 

Friday, February 4, 2011

Re; Future Model Kit Builds

Here is an updated picture from the last post.
... Hm, still working on the name...

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Future Model Kit Builds

   As I plan on finishing RX-78-2 RG (Seen below) this weekend, I've began to think of what kit I'll do next. Usually, I am in no hurry to start a kit, so usually there is a 2-4 week wait time between kits, but I'm really looking forward to the next one. 0 Gundam from the more recent 00 anime. Modeled to be an updated RX 78-2, this guy first appears at the beginning of the series, seen only in shadow surrounded by light in the sky.
Now, I've completed the coloured version of 0 Gundam before, and sense I've done that you'd think I wouldn't be looking forward to doing him again in his b&w paint job. Well, that's where my excitement comes. This will be my FIRST custom paint job on a model kit. I've done things like change a colour of a weapon (The damn blasted box shows it as white and it comes in black..)
   So, as a sneak peek...
Coloured kit on the left; Crudely bit-mapped at work during lunch hour custom colour on the right.
   Never originally being a Gundam anime fan, I've decided to make a kit based on one of my favorite anime of all time. Evangelion Unit 01 Custom 0 Gundam. I'll come up with a shorter name sooner or later.

...  EVA 0 Shogoki Gundam?..  Hmm, Any opinions on names?

    Will continue to post as progress begins, all the way to the final paint and sticker detail

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

3 Games to look forward to. Part 1; Early/Mid 2011.

   The sequel to the PS3 exclusive is shaping up to be "Game of the Year." The first game was the first of the current generation of games that gave me hope for the future of gaming. Story driven, action packed, incredible music, and awesome graphics. At first the sequel seemed to be a remake, but sense then it's became a continuation from the first story. Cole is preparing to battle "The Beast" that he was warned about in the previous game, and is looking to "amp up" his powers.

Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3;
   One of my favorite game series comes out for a third round with added mobile suits, levels, stories, and characters. With the introduction of more Gundam W and some second season Gundam 00 mechs, this game will be the end all for all Dynasty Warriors & Gundam fans. I was never a large Gundam fan, though I seem to be collecting the models quite rapidly, but I did love this series of games.With a new "Cell-Shaded" graphic engine, this game will also pan out to be the best looking Dynasty Warrior game yet.
   The decision comes down to who to play as first..

Dissidia 012

Really? Do I need to say anything other then "FANBOYSPADEW!."?
  Now, these above are all sequels, so they might currently be sitting on the coat-tails of their predessors. I'm sure that there games will be able to stand on their own once they come out.

Look forward to this weekend to see the unpacking of something I said I was going to buy a post ago~