Sunday, February 24, 2013

Top 10: Great Classic Anime Series.. That I Do Not Own.

Every fan takes pride in their collection big or small. From the humble beginnings of sharing a shelf with my video games to taking up an entire 10' tall shelf, I have always help alot of pride in mine and my fiance's Anime Collection. Though there are many titles that do not grace the collection that we have recently combined but none or worse then the titles that we should of owned for years now. The following is not only a mandatory list of what should of been on myself already but also a sort of wish list to always remind me to keep a watchful eye open. There are two key rules for the following list.. 1. That the series has been out in the US for at least 5 years & 2. That I do not own the series completely already in another form such as VHS or other means. Sadly, I own some of the disks for a few of the following titles yet I never completed collecting them. Disappointing, aren't I? Oh well, enjoy the list!
10. Cowboy Bepop

Truely a great series that has a fantastic habit of reminding me that I saw this series originally almost 15 years ago. Great combination of sci-fi action and cowboy western with epic music and an English dub that helped create a new standard in the industry. Why Don't I Own It? Every time I consider picking it up, I tell myself ".. It'll just be on Adult Swim tonight, so no worries."

9. Mobile Suit Gundam
The mecha series that departed from the popular colorful Voltron-like series of the times. It took awesome mechs and tossed in some deep story telling and some drama that would make the shows your mom watches in the afternoon to shame. After all, it's not every day that a single anime series can spawn an entire culture phenomenon. Why Don't I Own It? I've been waiting to find the movie box-set at a decent price. I just can't bring myself to spend $50 on the Gundam series when that money could go to a model kit. ^^;
8. Vandread

Women are monsters! Men are on the defense as the Women attack from space with their superior technology. When one man accidental finds himself stranded on an all female ship, he goes from prisoner to ace pilot when the crew discovers that his mech can attach to the women's superior mobile ships, creating a super-powered mech capable of amazing things. It's as if women and men were meant to work together.. I think? Why Don't I Own It? I honestly have no excuse for this one now that Funimation has began releasing Pioneer's old anime in affordable box sets.

7. Vampire Princess Miyu T.V.
The classic series of the Vampire Princess. Miya and her servant Larva continue to purge the world of the evil demons known as Shinma. Why Don't I Own It? Honestly, I'm 2 DVDs short of owning it. Other then not being able to find these DVDs at AnimeExpo for the last few years, I have no other excuse. I should just go buy it off Amazon, right?
6. Ghost in the Shell S.A.C.
T.V. series based more on the popular manga then the movie. Follow Major Makoto and the rest of Public Security Section 9 as they take down a criminal organization, a hacker with an popular meme, and a third season that was forced into a movie. Why Don't I Own It? Probably because I can't decide buying the series as a whole or buying the movies based on each season. I'll figure it out eventually.
5. Trigun
Vash has a mighty big bounty on his head and everyone he seems to run into wants him either for the bounty or to hire. Except for a couple of insurance agents who have to deal with the casualties that follow Vash what he would consider a normal day. Why Don't I Own It? I don't own it because I fail at buying it. Every time I have the series in my hand and ready to buy, I end up swapping it out with something else. I'm a terrible fan.

4. Sailor Moon T.V.

The original Shojo anime that created a majority of American Otaku back in the 90s, including myself. Usagi is a normal school girl who worries about love and final exams, until she is given the power to turn into Sailor Moon - A hero for love and justice and for fanboy dreams everywhere, and that means you. Why Don't I Own It? Anyone who owns this series in it's entirety as an official English release deserves an award. It's about time the rights for this series expires so Funimation can gobble it up and crap out some glorious looking box sets. PLEASE FUNI! Finish the job that ADV could not!

3. Dragon Ball
Goku begins his adventure by first battling then befriending everyone he meets. Seriously, if you don't believe me: He fought Bulma (Actually, her car.) and then became her friend, he fought Yamucha, Krillin, Tenshinhan, Piccolo, Vegeta, #18, Buu, and plenty of other enemies and then they became his friends. So keep that in mind people, when you fight Goku you either die or become his friend. NO EXCEPTIONS. Why Don't I Own It? I own DBZ and GT, but I only own the first box for Dragon Ball. For the longest time I didn't feel the need to own it as I have the manga up to where Goku and Chichi gets married. Now I am finally collecting them starting with volume 1.

2. Tenchi Muyo OAV/T.V.

Tenchi lives a normal life until he meets the demon Ryoko. From there, he finds out he's the prince of an alien race, betrothed to a Princess, and finds new roommates in a galactic scientist and a member (members) of the Galaxy Police. One of the best classic anime of our times. If you ever bought a VHS with Tenchi in the title, then you had an awesome life. Why Don't I Own It? Back to Pioneer and their expensive box sets. Luckily Funimation has swallowed the rights and released snazzy box sets. I only wish they went threw and remastered them, but oh well. I actually just bought the Universe box set as I was typing. >.>

1. Ranma 1/2

Blockbuster video has a small anime collection at the time and a VHS of Ranma 1/2 was there looking at my new-born Otaku eyes. I literally had to pay $50 in overdue payments due to that video leading to the cancellation of my brother's blockbuster account. >.> See above video for the most remembered anime opening ever.Why on Earth Do I Not Own it?! 
I blame Viz. HeyViz! Where is my more available box sets? XD I can't afford the ones online!

Thanks for reading! ^^

Monday, February 18, 2013

Sorry for the delay!

February has been an insane month so far. I've taken up some extra responsibilities at work, returned to High School 10 years later (Yep, I was a drop out!), and adopted two very needy puppies. I promise to get back to posts this week once I catch up on homework. ^^; Till then, enjoy free time if you got it!