Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Model Kit Review: Gundam Astray Red Frame HG 1/144

I have actually had this kit completed for over a year now. This was my 10th-ish (Unsure exactly) HG 1/144 Model Kit and the first Seed Astray kit. I had to actually google a picture (below) of it with zero details so I could eventually show what it looked like before I went all crazy with my gundam markers.
Straight Build (No details/Paint) Picture Belongs to Used to show the model kit pior to detailing.
Out of the Box:
Red Frame Astray was not a very difficult piece to build. Easier then some of the 00 series High Grades. It came with simple pieces with no surprises. The Katana itself came in all silver with the rest of the kit coming in white, red, and dark grey skews. Nothing overly difficult so it was perfect for me when I was still new at building. It is still a great kit for newbies who are doing HGs.  5/5

Coloring & Detail:
There was some light detailing around to body, coloring dark areas either dark grey or black. This is one of the few kits that I used a black detail pin on the white for panel lining. I originally tried gray but the black set this kit off with a little more style. There was some heavy detailing on the katana and it's scabbard. As you can tell from the earlier straight build picture, the katana is all silver and the scabbard is all white. Some fine red detail pens would of been useful, but in the end I painted the entire hilt of the sword red and painted over the lines of the scabbard. I then used a Elmer's Eraser to take off the red that I didn't need. It took a bit to get this done correctly. After I tossed on some gold and dark grey and the kit was good to go. Kit came with a few stickers but I only used the logo for his left shoulder and his eyes. 3/5. It's going to take some love if you want your weapon looking good.

Stability & Movement:
There isn't a whole lot of possible joints when compared to say Gundam Exia, but the kit is good for what it is worth. It stands on it's own very well and I have been able to get it into various poses such as Kenshin's battojetsu pose as well as some other cool poses. For a HG I was very impressed. 4.5/5
If memory serves me correct the PG Astray Red Frame was a new item at Anime Expo 09, so being able to build a smaller (and more cost effective) version made me feel like I was still one of the cool kids. As soon as I completed this kit back in 2011 I added the Blue and Gold Frames to my Amazon wish list. Unfortunately a year later, they remain there.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Adult Swim's Toonami Line-Up Revealed!

   Originally to be unknown till this coming Saturday, Adult Swim's Toonami lineup has been revealed with two new anime accusations. Here is the schedule:

12:00 a.m. - Bleach
12:30 a.m. - Deadman Wonderland
1:00 a.m. - Casshern Sins
1:30 a.m. - Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
2:00 a.m. - Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex 2nd GIG
2:30 a.m. - Cowboy Bebop

  Former Toonami front-man and newly appointed VP of Cartoon Network Jason DeMarco has reveled that Steve Blum will return as TOM, but we will not be seeing his computer Sara nor will we hear Peter Cullin calling the shots in between shows. DeMarco has also mentioned that this Toonami has a very small budget to work with and that they will need alot of good ratings to make more money to buy new shows. He also mentioned that shows such as One Piece, Inu Yasha: The Final Act, and Fairy Tail would be great shows to bring to Toonami in the near future.  

  As for the two new shows Deadman Wonderland & Casshern Sins, here is a brief introduction to both stories:

   From "The Great Tokyo Earthquake. Ten years ago, it destroyed lives as it tore buildings asunder. Among those who lived through the disaster was Ganta Igarashi, now a middle school student finally getting a footing in his own life... that is, until the day the 'Red Man' appears at his school and turns his world upside down again. Ganta's entire class is brutally murdered, and although innocent of the crime, Ganta is sentenced to death and sent to the bizarre prison known as 'Deadman Wonderland.' There, a brutal game of survival begins, where Ganta must discover the truth behind his classmates' murder. Can Ganta break out of Deadman Wonderland... or will it break him first?"

From Wikipedia: "Casshern Sins tells the story of a world where robots subjugated humanity after becoming self-aware. Their leader, Braiking Boss, ruled over the world with an iron fist. One day, a mysterious girl named Luna is summoned by the people, in order to bring the salvation of mankind. Fearing her as a potential threat, Braiking Boss sent three of his most powerful cyborg warriors to dispose of Luna: Casshern, Dio, and Leda. Casshern, the strongest warrior, manages to track down and kill Luna. However, this triggers a cataclysmic event which sets into motion the end of the world. Hundreds of years later, the world's atmosphere is filled with poison, and, due to the inability of most remaining humans to reproduce, as well as the constant threat posed by the robots, humanity is on the brink of extinction."

   As for shows such as Durarara & Kakaishi, Adult Swim still can play them whenever they please. I would expect to see them again once Cowbhoy Bebop or GitS ends or sometime in the near future. They will probably end up being tossed into the rotation of anime that is played in the later evening too. My Fiancee will be sad to now have Durara & Kakaishi on, but we own Durarara so maybe it wont be so bad. I look forward to watching Deadman Wonderland though. ^^x

Monday, May 21, 2012

Anime Expo 2012: Guest Update #3


"Anime Expo (AX), North America’s largest anime, manga and Japanese pop culture celebration, will feature a live concert by acclaimed composer and producer Yuki Kajiura when it returns to the Los Angeles Convention Center from June 29 – July 2, 2012. Kajiura brings her unique fusion of Japanese and European styles to AX with “FictionJunction,” her music project featuring the composer on keyboards and a special guest vocalist. Kajiura brings her unique fusion of Japanese and European styles to AX in ”FictionJunction,” her music project featuring the composer on keyboards and a special vocalist.
The multi-talented Yuki Kajiura began her music career performing in the female trio See-Saw. She has gone on to establish herself as a solo musician, composing music for other artists as well as producing for TV, commercials, films, anime and games. In 2002 she had a major hit with “Annaniisshodattanoni,” the ending theme song of TV anime “Mobile Suit Gundam SEED” and featuring See-Saw. In 2004 she launched her “FictionJunction” project. In 2007 she produced the music for “the garden of sinners” theatrical series, and since then she has produced the popular group “kalafina,” whose latest album “After Eden” reached No.3 in ORICON weekly chart.
Kajiura has produced music for diverse areas of entertainment including the film “Achilles and the Tortoise” directed by Takeshi Kitano, the NHK historical documentary “Rekishi Hiwa Historia,” (soundtrack), and the soundtracks for TV anime “Puella Magi Madoka Magica”, “Fate/Zero”, and “Sword Art Online.” Last year she released “FICTION II”, the sequel to her first solo album “FICTION.” Kajiura previously wowed Anime Expo fans in 2003 when she performed songs from “FICTION.” The date and time of “Yuki Kajiura/FictionJunction” concert will be announced shortly."

"Anime Expo, North America’s largest anime, manga and Japanese pop culture celebration, announces its first AX Fashion Guest of Honor, Cyril Lumboy, as it brings the best in Japanese-inspired fashion to the Los Angeles Convention Center from June 29 – July 2, 2012.   Known to fans of Lolita fashion throughout the world as dolldelight, Ms. Lumboy’s designs will take center stage in an Asian Street Fashion Show on Sunday, July 1 at 3 p.m.
“Japanese fashion and particularly the styles born in Tokyo’s Harajuku district have become powerful design influences around the world,” said Marc Perez, CEO of the Society for the Promotion of Japanese Animation, the non-profit that produces Anime Expo. “With Cyril Lumboy and other popular designers to be announced, Anime Expo will be the place to see and shop for the most up-to-the-minute Japanese-inspired street styles.”
Working out of her home city of Manila, the Phillipines-born Cyril Lumboy developed her custom line, inspired by Harajuku street fashion, drawing from a broad range of Lolita subsets.   She launched dolldesign four years ago creating headpieces and quickly expanded the brand to include a line of custom dresses.   Now U.S.-based, she has received accolades for her progressive work that incorporate Sweet, Gothic, Punk and other aesthetics.   Lumboy is also recognized for her artistry in mixing prints in her dolldelight designs.
In addition to staging the dolldelight fashion show, the designer will also participate in a panel on Saturday, June 30 to discuss her creative process and how she built her brand through online social networks and live fashion shows.  For more information, please visit"

"Anime Expo (AX), North America’s largest anime, manga, and Japanese pop culture celebration, today announced “Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt” voice actress Monica Rial as an Official Guest of Honor, when it returns to the Los Angeles Convention Center from June 29 – July 2, 2012.   Rial, who is the voice of Stocking, will participate in a meet-and-greet, autograph signing and a focus panel with Jamie Marchi, the voice of Panty.
Monica Rial has been working in the anime voice over industry for over 13 years. She has lent her voice to over 250 anime including “Baccano!” (Chane), “Black Butler” (Mei Ren), “Black Cat” (Kyoko), “Negima” (Konoka/Kazumi/Satsuki), “Soul Eater” (Tsubaki), “Witchblade” (Maria), and many more. She can be heard on the Cartoon Network in “ShinChan” (Ai), “Fullmetal Alchemist” (Lyra/Dante), “Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood” (May Chang), “Case Closed” (Amy), and “Trinity Blood” (Vanessa). You can also catch her on Nicktoons and the CW as Bulma in “Dragonball Z Kai.“  Rial is also an ADR script adaptor and occasionally a director for Funimation Entertainment."

Saturday, May 19, 2012

FFXI: Dynamis - Qufim SAM/DNC Solo Round 2

After an evening of failed Voidwatch runs (Funny how I do these after a failure) I decided it was time for another Solo Dynamis run. Before I get into the run I need to point out a few equipment changes I have made sense the first run.
WS Equipment Set:
TP Equipment Set:
Unkai Haidate +2
Ace's Leggings
 And of course, I finally finished my Amano-place holder:
Kantonotachi; A perfect G. Katana for anyone who does not have a relic/empy. Gives Shoha a 33% damage increase. Looks pretty epic too.
Ran out from Behemoth's Dominion to Qufim, stopped to get a RR from the book and ran to the entrance. Checked the zone population and saw only 8 other PCs, only two being Solo Beastmasters. Once I entered the zone I was able to take out the 20min TE who happened to be hanging out at the edge of where the Quadavs and Sea Monks meet. From there I ran to the 10min Quadav TE. He was hanging out on the edge near where the Raptors I farm are. Easy pull, but my Shoha left him alive long enough to gain the attention of one of Quadav BLM. Violent Flourish was stunning Tier 3-aga spells until he let off Manafont. The trick here is to stun him in between spells so Manafont wears before he can nuke you to death.

Headed east to the Yagudo TE and killed with no issues. Goblin TE on other hand ended up pulling 4 Goblins. (RNG, RDM, THF, and WAR) I aimed to take out the RDM at first but the WAR was pulling some decent damage off me. Killed off the Statue, the WAR and RDM, but RNG decided I needed to be reminded how funny it looks when I get Eagle Eye Shotted.

After reraising (and realizing I had no other form of RR) I rested to full. Of course, this took about 10 minutes off my farming time. While I was waiting to unweaken, I was able to Meditate twice (240tp) to help take out the final TP. I died last time to the Quadav SMN, so I do not have an advantage over my last run.

Protip: Go into each TE fight with enough TP for a Shoha. Statues move slow so links are often the downfall to the solo player.

Used the normal rotation of Raptors (Who where never overcamped) to Trio Bats (That where way over-camped) and finally Giant Bats (Who where not being camped at all.) No issues today other then at one point having to hold 4 bats at once. Proccing weakness helps with terrorizing them and my 2h really saved my bacon.

Protip: Always bring RR item and food. Don't be cheap!

During the last 10 minutes of the run I decided to try a DC Sea Monk. (Bat Trios where over-camped again) Of course I pulled two and died, but I was able to get the first one to about 10% before being tentacle-raped via Maelstrom. Worked out pretty well though considering I didn't have a Instant Warp Scroll on me.

Can't wait to find a better body to TP in.

Loot: 17 Bynes; 29 Bronzes, 19 Whiteshells. 67 Total! (Left with about 75 total coins a night later when I trio'd the same zone.) 2 Forgotton Journys; SMN-1, THF-1, and another BLM-1. Great run, and I beat my coin count from my previous attempt. I still need 60 100 Bynes for my next upgrade. That would be able 90 solo runs if I trade Bronzes and Whiteshells for Bynes. Ouch. Looks like I need to start doing Dynamis every day if I want the Amano before the servers are shut down in 2090. >.>

To all the SAM/DNC or other jobs who don't have BST leveled or PUP unlocked, Thanks for your effort in trying to Solo these zones as well. Sense I have started doing it myself I have noticed other players such as DRG/DNCs and BLU/NIN coming out to solo Dynamis. In a few once I gain some new equipment I will try for round 3. Round 3 will be my final SAM/DNC Solo Qufim run. I will eventually attempt other zones such as Valkrum and San d'Oria. Stay tuned.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Pokemon Black & White 2: Characters from Previous Games to Appear!

We knew Pokemon Black & White 2 would be taking place in the same region as the previous games but just recently was it announced that this game takes place sometime after the original Black & White. Your rival from the first game will appear as a gym leader and Bianca will be taking over for Professor Juniper. Also some old friends from previous games will be appearing, including Brock, Misty, and Gary from the original generation.

Good to see at least a few people are wearing different clothing.
Even though you still have to start with the newer Generation's starter types, the Pokedex itself has been expanded. Nintendo will also be releasing two 3DS apps to compliment the release of this game including an Pro version of the PokeDex 3D and an AR Pokemon Game where you can catch Pokemon in reality and port them to your DS game. I'm actually pretty excited about this.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Toonami returns, taking place of Adult Swim's Saturday Schedule

Congratulations to everyone who pushed this movement., Starting on May 26th, Adult Swim will air Toonami for their nightly block. Currently no line up is announced and the schedule on is currently empty.

The currently line up for Saturday Night includes Bleach, Fullmetal Alchemist, Durarara, FLCL, Cowboy Bebop, ans Ghost in the Shell: SAC 2nd Gig. All that is really required here is to toss in some retro shows and put good old T.O.M. in between commercials. I currently like Adult Swim's Saturday Lineup, so I am hoping not alot is taken away. Perhaps instead of replaying the same episode of Bleach all night, we can get some DBZ or Trigun? Toonami should also cover the hours before midnight. I think we get enough of Peter and Stan during the week.

I do have a little concern; I hope they intend to bring us some new shows as well as old shows and the current anime Saturday lineup. Only the future will tell.

Edit: Adult Swim has announced that there will be "new original anime programming" for the block. They have also confirmed that it will run from Midnight to 6am. 
Update: Adult Swim is keeping the line-up secret until the time of it's premier.

Maybe you'll be seeing these ladies soon as well.

Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance English Trailer

Presenting the English trailer for the next KH game. This trailer seems a little rushed as it still have Japanese menus and no sound effects. The best part is something you should keep memorized. Hearing the Tron levels makes me smile..

Remember kids, the game comes out on July 31st in the US. There will be a US Special Edition. Not what they got in Japan, but more then what we thought we would ever get.

Kingdom of Hearts 3D’s Mark of Mystery Edition
Includes the following:
  • a copy of Kingdom Hearts 3D
  • a branded clear hard case skin cover
  • set of 12 art cards meant to reflect the history of the Kingdom Hearts series
  • set of five augmented reality cards to unlock rare Dream Eaters and more
  • and a branded magnetic box to keep it all in

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

FFXIII-2 - The Final DLC

The final DLC for FFXIII-2 is due today with the last two episodes to finish our story. The first features Snow in all of his glory. Snow's Story: Perpetual Battlefield will add Snow to the Coliseum as well as your party once his story is completed.

Popularity, huh?

Finally, "Lightning's Story: Requiem of the Goddess" promises to finalize the main events from the game adding to the story an ending. The battle between Lightning and Caius will be seen in it's full glory. Also up for DLC is a White Mage outfit for Serah, a Black Mage outfit for Noel, and new Mog outfits. All items range from $2.99 to $3.99. Will I buy them? Maybe. I still have to beat FFXIII before that.

Dynamis Beastmen Guide - Jobs & Weakness Triggers

A little something I whipped up about a year ago. I'll be needing it for a few solo city runs.

0-2 ~> None
3 ~> Low proc rate / Blue - Potentially transient Amnesia, or nothing.
4 ~> Medium proc rate / Yellow - Terror/Stops 2-Hour/Able to Re-use 2-Hour
5 ~> High proc rate / Red - Terror/Stops 2-Hour/Unable to Re-use 2-Hour
5 ~> Rare proc rate/ White - Terror/Stops 2-Hour/Unable to Re-use 2-Hour Opens Potiental 100cc drop (BEASTMEN NM ONLY)
Hydra & Kindred mob's job can be seen in their name. Example: Kindred Summoner

Monday, May 14, 2012

"Anime Expo (AX), North America’s largest anime, manga, and Japanese pop culture celebration, will present the U.S. concert debut of the anime-inspired heavy metal band, ANIMETAL USA, when it returns to the Los Angeles Convention Center from June 29 – July 2, 2012.  ANIMETAL USA promises to take AX by storm with its furious combination of classic and original anime music, metallic riffs, solos, powerful vocals and futuristic make-up and costumes.  As Official Guests of Honor, the band will also participate in a meet-and-greet, autograph signing and a focus panel.
The phrase “metal super group” was custom-made for ANIMETAL USA whose members include singer Mike Vescera (Obsession/ex-Loudness), bassist Rudy Sarzo (Blue Öyster Cult, ex-Ozzy Osbourne, Quiet Riot, Whitesnake, Dio), guitarist Chris Impellitteri (Impellitteri), and drummer Scott Travis (Judas Priest).  Adding to the group’s stellar rock pedigree, former Megadeth guitarist Marty Friedman has joined Impellitteri in arranging its tunes.  ANIMETAL USA’s self-titled, October 12, 2011 debut album has been gold-certified in Japan and has hit the #1 spot on Amazon’s Hard Rock Heavy Metal chart and #2 on Amazon’s Anime chart in Japan.  The band’s sophomore album entitled “W,” set to release in the U.S. in June 2012, includes “Give Lee Give Lee Rock Lee,” the opening theme song of the global anime marvel “NARUTO” spin off series, “NARUTO-SD-Rock Lee No Seisyun Full Power Ninden.”  For more info visit
The date and time of the ANIMETAL USA concert will be announced shortly. For more information, visit"

This may be something interesting to check out. I'll have to find the song from Rock Lee to give an honest opinion.

Edit: Listened to the Rock Lee song. It's nothing too special, but it is a pretty cool song.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

New Rurouni Kenshin News - Anime & Manga!

Both of the upcoming Mangas, Rurouni Kenshin -Cinema-ban & "Chapter Zero" are due to premeir in Shonen Jump Alpha for American Audiences. Very awesome to see these translated and coming to America very soon.

Also, the second part of the New Rurouni Kenshin - Kyoto Arc Part 2 will premier June 23rd in Japanese Theaters, and is slated for DVD/BluRay on August 22nd.
Hopefully we'll be able to snag a copy of the first RuroKen anime movie this AX!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Anime Expo 2012: GoH's Danny Choo & Jaime Marchi

"Anime Expo (AX), North America’s largest anime, manga and Japanese pop culture celebration, today announced Japanese pop culture sensation Danny Choo as its Master of Ceremonies.  Choo is making his third consecutive appearance at AX when the event returns to the LA Convention Center from June 29 – July 2, 2012.
Danny Choo resides in Tokyo and runs a media production company where he produces a brand called Culture Japan which is made up of a web portal, TV show and products that focus on disseminating information on Japanese culture to the world.  Choo hosts and directs the Culture Japan TV show, which is broadcast weekly on Tokyo MX TV in Japan, across the whole of Asia on the Animax Network and in America on Mnet America. The Culture Japan website features Choo’s musings on all things anime, including Japanese and Otaku culture, cosplay and gaming.  Choo is also creator of the character Mirai Suenaga who has collaborated with many companies in the Japanese animation industry.
In addition to his AX hosting duties, Choo will be a Guest Speaker on Japanese Fandom and Culture at Project Anime, the Society for the Promotion of Japanese Animation-sponsored industry conference that takes places immediately prior to AX.
Danny Choo joins the previously announced AX 2012 line-up that includes popular voice actor Steve Blum and Japanese pop star LiSA." -

"Anime Expo (AX), North America’s largest anime, manga and Japanese pop culture celebration, today announced “Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt” voice actress Jaime Marchi as an Official Guest of Honor.  Jaime Marchi, who is making her debut at AX, will participate in a meet-and-greet, three autograph signings and a focus panel.
Beyond providing the voice of title character Panty, the multitalented Jamie Marchi is the lead writer for the script adaptation of the hit series “Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt.” Among her other voice acting credits are roles from “Witchblade”(Masane), “Hetalia”(Narrator), “Soul Eater” (Liz), “Shin Chan” (Miss Polly), “YuYu Hakusho”(Juri), “Fruits Basket “(Motoko), “Black Cat” (Rinslet), (Chloe), “Rin “(Mimi), “Blassreiter” (Amanda), as well as the unforgettable Mikako Satsukitane in “Heaven’s Lost Property.” Marchi also has an impressive list of behind-the-scenes credits writing script adaptations and directing series including “Heroic Age,” “Sgt. Frog,” “Spice and Wolf,” “Hetalia: Axis Powers,” and “Negima!?”
Jamie Marchi joins the previously announced AX 2012 line-up that includes popular voice actor Steve Blum and Japanese pop star LiSA." -

I missed Danny 2 years ago so this will be another great chance to meet him. As for Jaime Marchi though, I don't know many of her roles very well other then Soul Eater and YuYu. It's great to see more voice actors coming out as GoH this year though. Hoping more soon!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

FFXIV: She's Like The Wind: Garuda blasts into Eorzea!

With Ifrit put down the next Primal Battle is upon the warriors of Eorzea. (Edit: Sorry, didn't cover Moggle Mog XII. I didn't see him being considered a Primal. I do owe him a section, but I'll have to cover that sometime in the future when I talk about Moogles.)

Garuda blasts her way into FFXIV in a new Primal Battle. Much like Ifrit, players can pick from two different difficulties. One targeting small groups of level 40s, the other targeting alliances of level 50s. We can safely say that the harder battle will be worth it in the end if her drops are as cool as Ifrit's where. Garuda has one thing on Ifrit though. Where Ifrit has power, Garuda masters in evasion. Will players at level 50 even be able to hit this lady?

Garuda's past isn't a deep as Ifrit's, only becoming a recognizable summon in FFXI.

Garuda from FFXI; Also known to SMN's as the most attractive ass in XI.

XI's story explains that she was originally a bird in love with a sick prince. She decided to fly to the heavens to attain the the power to save the boy. Eventually Garuda's strength weakened and she fell from the skies. She awoke finding that she had gained large wings and a human-like body in her efforts to fly to the heavens. With this new power she was able to save the Prince. Unfortunately, Garuda could not stay with the prince as she was no longer a bird capable to living in a birdcage.

The Goddess Altana was touched by Garuda's courage and summoned her after her death to bestow her the power of the wind and the position of Queen of the Birds.

Garuda of FFXIV isn't quite the sweet songbird:
Rape Face.

The Garuda of FFXIV is the primal worshiped by the Ixal. Now with the title of "Empress of Birds," Garuda once battled the Lord of Snakes. Though she was victorious, Garuda was wounded badly in the battle. After feasting on the snake's bodies to recover she gained a taste for flesh.

We first see her attacking the Quarrymill with terrible winds who's howl masked all noise excluding the mad laughter of the Empress herself. 

"Don't make me come down there!"

Will the adventurers of Eorzea be able to take down Garuda? I'm sure they will: but not without a fight. Check out the below video of the easy-mode fight to get an idea of how awesome this battle will be.

On another note: Titan is still in the data, but he's currently unused. Perhaps he'll be the next Primal? Another reminded that FFXIV is constantly updated in the attempt to regain it's lost glory. We'll know how successful they become when version 2.0 is released early next year.