Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Phantasy Star Online 2 News 7/27/11

  The Japanese Officall PSO2 site has been updated with videos & screen shots! Take a look. Some shots even show some more then 4 multiplayer elements.

For more update info on PSO2, keep an eye on Those guys have been around for years, and never led me astray.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Review: BlazBlue II: Continuum Shift 3DS

Don't let the cute little girl in the right corner fool you; She'll tear your face off.
   BlazBlue II 3DS is a port of the very popular in Japan & at conventions arcade/console fighting game from the creators of Guilty Gear. Fast fighting, wonderful hand-drawn art, and a combo system where juggling is okay-dokay! Does the 3DS port due the series justice?

VISUAL: Being what looks to be a straight port, the character art is toned down a little. Still looks great in motion, it often comes up a little blurry when nothing is moving. The background have been toned down to keep the processing power of the game in check, but they still have more movement then the background in Super Street Fighter IV 3D. Speaking of 3D, this is the first 3DS game I've played where the 3D is better left off, or at least on the lowest setting. When played at mid to max 3D, the game looks unnaturally 3D. It breaks down the 3D scope to 4 levels; Far background, close background, shadows, then characters. Because of this, shadows look as if they are floating above the ground you're standing on. This is easily ignored with the 3D settings on low or even off. I chose to keep them on the low setting myself. 8/10.

Vash + Hulk VS Chun Li + Mai = This picture.
AUDIO: Fans rejoice, you can play with either English or Japanese audio. English voices are easily made fun of, but there aren't many fighting games with good voice acting. Music is good, keeping you in the fight for the most part. This game is made to play loud, despite the fact that the music is easily forgettable. The only issue I have with the audio is the sound clips inbetween battles. The music is too loud and you can't really hear any speech. 6/10

STORY: How much story can you really make plausible in a fighting game? Someone or another has some evil plan to use the fighters in a tournament style-battle system to take over the world/create or become the ultimate lifeforms/summon a god or something to those extents? Honestly, the story in this game isn't terrible enough for me to completely make fun of it, but it's not good enough for me to remember much of it. 5/10

Furry attacks puppet girl on the observatory of Hogwarts. News at 11.

CONTROL: Being a portable fighting game, I honestly thought the control would be terrible. As it turns out, the control is simular to the PS3/Xbox versions. That isn't a great thing, as the game's control & fighting system take some working to get into. If you're new to the series, the 3DS port my not be your best bet to introduce yourself to the series. The touch screen is used to toggle though move-set lists, changing the page with each tap. The screen only moves forward, making it difficult if you tap to many times. Having a slide feature instead of a tap would of made it a little easier. The game includes a tutorial mode to make the same easier for you. 7/10

FILLING: They keep you busy in this game. With an arcade mode, story mode, abyss mode, verses mode, time attack, challenge modes, network mode, and many more, there is alot to do in the game. The game also features the downloadable characters from the console version at no extra price. The issue with most fighting games comes down to how often can you fight the same fight over and over. 8/10

The real victim of this battle is the cat-like thing that witnessed it all.
OVERALL: BlazBlue is a great looking 2D fighter with few issues, but some of these issues really bug me. Rushed 3D visuals, questionable storyline, and not being able to hear sexy Noel talk is a negative in my eyes. It's a fun game in the end, once you get a hold of the system. Overall, the game is still a solid fun fighting game. 6.8/10.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Kaji's Thoughts: FINAL FANTASY XI Job Adjustment Manifesto Part 1 of 3: The Original Six

   With the upcoming introduction to the final level cap of 99 in FFXI, new job abilities and spells ideas have been brought out of the deep dark secret place that holds the FFXI Dev Team. Originally posted here,, the Dev Team's Commuinity Rep Gildrein gives plays a hint of what may be to come.
   Again, these are hints of what may come to pass:

WARRIOR: As Warriors have become great damage dealers, a need for brain over brawn comes out of the fold. The idea of giving Warriors the ability to change the type of damage they do could bring a new aspect to the job, creating an increasingly flexable damager dealer that can handle blunt, slashing, and piercing type attacks. Another idea is to give them an ability that makes the next attack a critical hit. Stacking that with a high damage WS, if possible, could make for some insane outside Abyssea damage.

MONK: A job that seems to of fallen from glory in the DD world, but seems to be returning as a decent tank for some mobs due to the max HP a monk can have. The future of a monk seems to be in the form of more defensive tactics and skills, as well as moves that will leave foes weaker to allies attacks. Adding a new effect to boost that will effect Chakra, and a new effect to Chi Blast that lowers enemies TP. Honestly? That TP better dive down, and maybe even give monk a reason to want to face an enemy face-to-face. I'll have to ask my MNK friends what they think.. wait, all my MNK friends became Dancers and Ninjas. >.>;

WHITEMAGE: The always needed job, White Mage remains the best benefit to any party. Being able to cure almost any ailment and any amount of HP, White Mages definitely bring the red cross onto the battlefield. Adding more defensive magic that allows allies to take less damage, and even creating a spell that helps removing charm. (Chara?) Why not? White Mages are needed more and more everyday, this job takes a certain type of person to play professionally. Perhaps it's time for Holy II, Regain (TP regen!), or even a game-breaking Reflect spell? Of course people will bitch about Reflect, but maybe have it as a single target spell that only works one time. Even with the added ability to cast an offensive spell on a party member with reflect, allowing the hate to be given to said party member?

BLACKMAGE: The reason I keep living is so I can continuously nuke down my enemies! Insane power at the tips of our fingers, BLMs are known for heavy nukes, a well timed stun, and the highest level of sleep there is. Abilities that will allow a casting a spell for 0 MP & one that will enhance the elemental power of the spell with added risk? I'll accept those happily. I knew one day the power of the BLM would get a little out of hand, damaging the BLM in the process. I'd also like my Blizzja, Thunja, Thunder V, and ME-TE-OR please. K, Thanks.

REDMAGE: The ultimate enhancer; RDMs play an strong roll when fighting alot of mobs at once or one very large and angry monster. The highest enhancing and enfeebling job, RDMs around the world just want a little more reflexing in their daily job. Adding an ability to have your next spell have zero casting time would be nice, as long as it's an automatic thing that occasionally happens. RDMs need more enhancing spells (Enfira maybe?) and some new enfeebling spells. (new massive dot spells like Zombie?)

THIEF: THFs are one of the fastest fighting jobs in the game, able to strike hard, control the party enmity, and even effect the drop rates of items. SE is wishing to add to Sneak & Trick Attack enhances as well as more options to control the enmity level in the group. Also, a skill that will help intimidate the enemy by how many members are in the group? Sounds like the move will be called "Riot" or something along those lines.

Stay tuned, I'll cover the Zilart Expansion Job's next.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3 Announced!

Poor Dr. Doom doesn't get cover time now.
   Following the footsteps of the Street Fighter IV remakes, Capcom decides to take it's fan complaints about the first Marvel Vs Capcom 3 release to heart. Announced this week, Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3 adds another 12 characters to the 2011 sequel. The game will also have an improved gameplay balance and a well-needed spectator mode. Though, I'll miss watching those little cards duke it out while waiting for one best friend to beat another so I could take winner.

I thought "Ghost Writer" was going to be announced, but this is the second best thing.
   Capcom has stated that, as seen on the new cover we now have Hawkeye, Ghost Rider, Firebrand (Why?), and Strider. That leaves 8 more mysterious fighters, that the internet has already figured out!
Thanks to wonderful forum users & the fact that Capcom uploaded pictures of these characters makes this out to be true.
We don't need anyone else from the Summer's Family; We got Rocket Raccoon!
   Capcom pans on releasing in November 2011 with a 39.99 price point. That's less then $20 then the previous game, less then $30 if you paid for Jill & Shuma, 'cause they'll be included in this game too.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Custom Model Kit: Gundam 00: Evangelion Unit 01 Test Type Custom by Kajimaru

I am Evangelion!
   Created using Gundam 0 HG 144; used Tamaya spray paint for plastics purple & green. Gundam marker Zion Black for black areas. Decals from the Evangelion Model kit add-ons by Bandai. Took about 8 hours of actual work, spanning over a month. (Lost a piece for a week, then ran out of black paint markers, and then didn't do anything for another week due to Softball. So, despite all this, it didn't take long.)

  My first custom. Pretty happy about it. ^^ Completed March 2011.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

FFXI: Version Update: July 2011 Review

   SquareEnix's FFXI forums have released some of the information about the content in the following version update, found here:

   SE never quite gives enough info, no do they give us all the info on some occasions. Here is a breakdown of the new things added:

Voidwatch: New NPCs have been added, as well as new features in Voidwatch. As I haven't really had time to even mess around with Voidwatch, I can't really say how the new stuff effects this new feature.

Dynamis: Players now have a higher chance of hitting the monsters weakness with certain weapon skills. This is also an unknown to me, considering I haven't set foot in Dynamis sense PA broke. Maybe I'll drag some close friends into it some day.

Grounds of Valor: Page targets have been changed in some zones, check forum for details. Also completion rewards in Outer Horutoto Ruins has been changed. GoV books have been added to King Ranperre's Tomb & Maze of Shakhrami.

Campaign: Max notes & exp gained per battle has been increased, as well as increased per action done with in Campaign. Looks like cap here is around 9k per battle, according to recent posts on

Besieged: Same as Campaign. Max standing & exp has been increased, apparently to cap for exp is now 1/3rd of your base exp needed to level. Of course, more exp/standing per action. The bonus for consecutive victories & defeating notorious monsters has increased as well.

Tarut Card Quest updates, including a new quest.

Certain NPCs have been reposistioned, and text explaining moghouses has been updated.

Shami's brother Shemo has been added next to him in Port Jeuno. You can now trade seals (As in beastmen seals, kindred seals, ect) for higher tier seals. Unfortunitly, when this was previously hinted at, we where hoping the seals they spoke of with armor seals, no burning circle seals. See image below.

See above.

Paladin got some upgrades to current abilities, hoping to becoming a good job again.
Corsair's Phantom Roll XI has been given bonuses.
Samurai gets a new move that Dancer's already have.
Ninja abilities that once shared a recast, no longer do.
Blue Mage's 2hour is no longer useless, allowing more skillchains to occure during 2hour.
Puppetmaster's have new attachments.
Cure spells now deal max damage to undead mobs. FIXED VIA EMERGANCY UPDATE.

You gussed the number of Final Fantasy I am playing!
Skillchains have recieved a small update, where the window for a magic burst is open, the enemies resistance to the type of skillchain element has been decreased. Would be great if anyone else knew what a Magic Burst even was.

New NPCs have been added, & equipment sold by npcs has changed.
A few item updates & some added Porter Moogle locations have been added. Porter Moogles have more items that can be stored with them.

System Related: Windows version recieved a higher resolution choice, & Windows & X360 have a more detailed title screen & higher definition icons for player names.

No love. Thanks to Bismarck.Josiahfk for this pictures.

/yell has been introduced, and can now be heard throughout cities. Myrhh should now be heard all the way in Upper Jeuno! Chat functions & options have been updated with the yell feature.

Assorted issues have been delt with. See above link for details.

Over at Wild Dragon Chase, some new .dat files have been added/re:added. Head over there to check out some interesting re-skins as well as what looks to be new BLU spells.
Perhaps something to look forward to in the future.

What was not in this update?

   The Seal trading system we want. Damnit SE, make these armor seals tradeable or bazaarable. >.< I keep getting seals for RNG and COR, and neither of those jobs are above level 10. How about having Skillchains granting EXP or a damage bonus, with Magic Bursts giving added damage. Add the ability to skillup in Campaign? Maybe next time, if anyone is listening..

The one thing that would make me purchase the Playstation Vita, over the WiiU.

   Sony's new machine, The PSVita, has provoked a few of my interests. I do use my PSP on occasions for games such as Phantasy Star Portable & some of the recent Final Fantasy games like Crisis Core. (If you look at my PSP collection, 50% is SquareEnix & 20% is Sega. Everything else is UMD movies.) With hopes the Vita coule provide the same, I planned on buying one eventually once afew games came out. One thing that would provoke me to buy it; Final Fantasy Fucking XI. reports that Hiromichi Tanaka, the man who was a lead designer on FFXI & producer for FFXIV (sadface), tells Famitsu Magazine that they are considering whether or not to port FFXI to the Vita. As this is a "consideration," such as Sega considering bringing PSO to the DS way back when, it's good to remember that this most likely won't happen. As it may be, if it does, I would be willing to purchase a Vita for it. Mind you, until I see FFXIvita on store shelves, I won't even consider buying a Vita new.

    Wow, FFXI on a portable would mean I could do the following:
1.) Skillup Cooking in the bathroom at work.
2.) Secretly learning Blue Magic while pretending I'm cleaning.
3.) Take daughter to the library and tell her she has all the time in the world, because Daddy's just gotten into a good Abysea party.
4.) Do a little solo leveling after Yopo falls asleep. >.>;

Hmmm... >.>;

Monday, July 11, 2011

Review: InFamous 2 PS3

  The first InFamous was a game that opened my eyes, proving that good platformers/adventure games still exist a generation where FPS and Hack-n-Slash games own the market. It was also proof that releasing demos of games for free download is a great idea, for I would of never played the original if it wasn't for the demo. Hopefully this is something that Nintendo realizes. The excitement that came over me when InFamous 2 was announced provoked me to preorder the Hero Edition. This review will cover not only the game, but the extras involved with the Hero Edition.
Cameo from the Cloverfield Monster!

   As stated before, the original inFamous was a great action/adventure platformer, with a 3rd person battle mode. While not in battle, you are free to run around the newly introduced city of New Marais jumping from building to building and avoiding one of many watery-graves. The camera switches behind Cole's shoulder during battle, much like it did in the first game. The biggest improvements are Cole's new powers and abilities that help climb buildings quicker, and the melee system. In the first game, the melee system was rarely uses as most enemies had guns and would take you out between punches 2-3.
   You start the game with most of the power-ups from the first, and throughout the game gives you much more exciting power ups including an Ionic Storm that'll tear up almost anything in front of you. The innocent civilians aren't as kind anymore, as they will quickly attack you if they see you hurt an innocent bystander a little too much. It takes a little more planning to make sure you don't accident grenade a bystander standing next to an enemy. Another great improvement is the building climbing has been made to be quicker and easier, because running out of time when you're supposed to be chasing someone, but you're climbing up a side of a wall like a retarded one armed monkey is a little tedious. Thanks for fixing that, Sucker Punch! 10/10
Cole enjoying the sights of New Marais.

   This game looks great! The city and areas surrounding the city is well detailed. The city of New Marais isn't as repetitive looking as Empire City was, making this game a little easier to recognize where you are without looking at your map. The character and enemy detail has gotten an insane upgrade, including new facial features and face motion that make you feel like you're watching a movie. The cutscenes are done in comic book style fashion that looks gorgeous on any display. This is probably one of the better looking games I own on the PS3. Not without it's faults though, when enemies rarely fall though walls or you have random break-dancing trashcans. Twice during game play did the game run a little slow, but one of those incidents was during an "protect this thing" missions that has hoards of enemies spawning while I spammed Ionic Storms. 10/10

Kou, The other women. Some say men freeze at the sound of her name. Or something.

  There is nothing bad I can say about this soundtrack. The music is spot on in every moment of the game. There is a very good "Dark Knight" feel to it, and if you know what that means, then this doesn't need any more of an explanation. For all two of you who don't know what I mean, please read the following:
The music is the best music I've heard in a game that isn't a RPG in many many years. 10/10
   SPOILER FREE: The game picks up where you left off on the first inFamous. You need new powers, and you know where you need to go to obtain new powers to stop "The Beast" from tearing the world apart, as warned about in the first game. "The Beast" isn't Cole's only problem. He has to worry about his once best friend, two girls that want him for his powers in the wrong way, and a militia headed by a guy you'd expect to see on Christian News Network. As the game plays out, you'll discover tidbits through cutscenes & dread drops (now in the form of pigeons instead of hacked satellites.) There are a few twists here and there and a deeper story then the previous game. The only issue I have is that once you make the final decision, like in the first, the game plays the final out to quickly. It's kind of like having Star Wars Episode VI end 5 minutes after Vader saves Luke, where we quickly see the Empire defeated & Luke having issues with Ghosts following him. That being my only bitch, It's hard for me to give this a 9, because it's a very small bitch that I can't say ruins the game. Dammit, why not? 10/10
$99 worth of win.

   For an extra $40, I went ahead with the Hero Edition. The game came with the following:
inFamous Cole Statue: About 8.5" tall. Great looking piece with better detail then most of the figures I've bought the last few months.
Sling Backpack: Looks like Cole's from the game. Has enough room to keep a handful of PS3 games, an extra controller, my 3DS, a Shonen Jump, and my phone fits nicely. I love this thing.
Soundtrack: Great soundtrack, problem is that it's downloadable. I like things I can touch.
Ingame Items: Lightning Tether (same as Kessler had in the first game.) & skins for Cole. You can play as original Cole, Kessler, or a Reaper. (outfit looks awesome for Evil Side missions.) Amp skins include Sly's Cane, Cave Man Club, a Golden Amp, and a Katana. Great for looks, but mostly pointless as skins are.
Mini Comic: Good comic, with it wasn't the mini-form though.
$40 for Hero Edition? WORTH IT! 9/10.

   What can I say? This game rocked my world for at least 2 weeks. Now, I'll start playing though evil side missions and enjoy a slightly different game. I'll probably play on Hard, just to keep it new. The game itself receives a perfect score, something I plan on never doing again. Hero Edition receives a 9.75/10.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Phantasy Star Online 2 RAmarl & RAcast Possible ImagesI


Hello, I heard you like guns.

Striking a pose, before I strike you down.