Wednesday, February 29, 2012

FFXI: Wild Dragon Chase's Data Mine

    Over at Wild Dragon Chase you can see the data mine from the most recent test server update. Please check it out here.  Below I posted some of the pictures that were posted there. Yes, this is a cheap post that didn't take me long to do and I know I really owe you guys a good post. I promise I'll work on it after end of the month inventory at work. XD

This one kind of reminds me Slyph from FFIV, just alot meaner.
Sylph from the IV DS remake.

I wish I wish I hadn't killed that fish..
Here is a 16bit police report pixel sketch. (Bismark from FFVI. WDC mentions that he thinks that this may be Bismark above.)
Those where the only *NEW* mobs added, but there were a good handful of reskins. Head over to WildDragonChase for the entire post, and make sure to tell the guy are great he is.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Game: One Piece Kaizoku Musou First DLC Announced! reports that the first DLC for the One Piece Musou game will be released in Japan on March 1st. First up is an alternative costume for Luffy featuring the Samurai armor he wore in a picture from one of the One Piece Color Walk art books. Following up on March 8 will be Kimono Nami. Here in the States some of us are just hoping to get the game announced for our side of the world, with still little-to-no-word on an announcement. The term Pirate Warriors was licenced for Europe, but that doesn't say much for America.

   We'll be posting as soon as we hear good news!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Model Kit Review: Code Geass Guren Type-02 1/35 model kit 02

Hi Five! Oh wait, FUUUUUUUUUUUUUU~~~*burns*

Code Geass Guren Type-02 1/35 was one of my first few model kits and also my second non-Gundam kit. That means this review is about a year+ overdue. This will also be the first time I use my model kit review format! How exciting!

Out of the Box: This kit comes with the basics: Colored sprigs, small sticker sheet, and a book to walk you though the building process. Most of the pieces come out easily. The only issue I had was the second Kallen figure (Standing Kallen) snapped incorrectly while I was trying to remove her and now Standing Kallen can be repainted as leg-less zombie Kallen. The second figure,"Cockpit Kallen" fits right inside of the built model kit. Both Kallens are one base color and are in need of painting. 

Coloring & Detailing: With this being one of my early kits I wasn't detailing as much as I would probably do today. The main details went into a few choice parts of the suit but nothing amazing. I think that today I would of done a much better job with the details. Kallen herself was my first paint job on an anime character, and it was quite fun. There was a little difficulty with painting her hair without the hair color leaking onto her face annoying. The only other thing I colored was her knife to match what the knife looked like in the anime series.
There are some great colors in the Gundam Marker Zeon Set for Kallen's hair (Char Pink) and uniform. (Char Red & Zion Grey.)

Stability & Movement: Even though the figure is a little top heavy it balances rather easily. Her hark cannon comes with an attachment to show it launching and her arm extends another 1" to grapple onto any orange enemies you'd like her to defeat. I did find that if you leaned the suits arm back it has a tendency to fall, but who in there right minds wants this suit doing a back flip as a pose? The cockpit of the suit can also be set to an open position to show off the pilot in action!

Overall: This was a fun kit to build. Just different enough to feel that I wasn't doing yet another Gundam kit but familiar enough to be able to complete this kit with little problem. I recommend it to anyone who likes model kits or even just Code Geass fans and first time modlers.

Monday, February 13, 2012

FFXI: Dynamis - Qufim SAM/DNC Solo! 2/12/12

   After failing to learn a spell (a.k.a. Even a BLU84 has issues soloing Marrows.) I decided to switch to SAM and try out Dynamis - Qifim. I went in not expecting very much other then maybe, if I was lucky, a handful of Dynamis Currency. Once entered I did my usual pop of a reraise scroll and used Meditate. Sneak/Invis my way from the entrance to the east to get the harder of the Time Extensions. When I finally found my target I pulled him with one of my last few demon arrows. Unfortunitly, the DC Yagudo standing nearby saw this and did not approve. Once I took out the T.E. monster, I ran to the cave just south of my current posistion while dodging any Quadav aggro. Once in a safe spot where I knew I could die and reraise safely, I turned to find only the original aggro'd Yagudo was still after me. None of the others linked including the Quadavs (Special Note: Other Beastmen won't link with each other in Dynamis anymore!)
    Once I recovered from a battle that took longer then I wanted, I headed west then north for the next few T.E.s starting with the Quadav. Of course, another link would come when the Vanguard Undertaker linked. It being a SMN I knew I was in for a wipe, but then I took a chance. First I used a "Step" on the T.E. to gain a finishing move. I told myself I would 2-hour and if I could not 1-shot the Undertaker I would use my finishing move to stun the Undertaker's avatar. 2-hour used and Tachi: Shoha (Merited 4/5) took him down to 30% then I followed up with a Tachi:Kasha to finish the mob as it was preparing to feed me a Judgement Bolt for a late-night snack.
Do you want to be the next "Avatar Idol"?
   After that the Orc, Yagudo, and Goblin T.E.s were pulled and killed without issues. The Yagudo's "Avatar Idol" was easily pulled to the G-7 area agaisnt a wall, The Goblin's "Goblin Statue" was open and and killed in it's spot. Even the Orc's Warcheif's Tombstone was an easy kill dispite the fact that I thought that I would get a link. Once I was done here it was around 15:00 ingame, so off to the Raptors I went. I used the Raptor >> Gaylas >> Stirge rotation during Job Ability hours, only having a small issue with the bats linking. At one point I had 5 sets of Nightmare Gaylas (Trio Bats) on me barely avoiding death by a Waltz Recast & Third Eye.

Na-na-na-na-na-na, us!
   I left with a total of 4 relic accessories (That unfortunately I did not need.), 1 pair of WAR feet-1, 1 pair of RNG Feet -1, 25 pieces, 25 Whiteshells, and 12 bills. Very good haul considering usually when I'm trioing the same zone with friends (who have T.E.) I usually only leave with about 50 coins unless we score a white !!. Now, before all of you SAM/DNCs run out the Qufim and follow my path take note of the following:

1.) Statues are easy but they can be a pain. Make sure you can take them out quick! Having Meditate between mobs makes it alot safer and quicker. Remember that Statues also move very slow, allowing easy links.
2.) If you have to pull a statue that will link, know the mob that will link. Remember you can only 2hour once per run, so avoid any mage-type, ninja, beastmaster, or monk mobs.
3.) Don't be afraid to try other mob rotations. Mine was the most convenient, but also had to watch for repops due to BST soloers.
4.) Nightmare Gaylas link easily. They also have some killer moves. Slipstream (stronger Jet Stream with added effect) will hurt, but no near as much as Turbulence, an AoE high damage attack. They also seem harder to proc than other mobs due to high evasion. Nothing is worse then missing a step.
5.) Nightmare Raptors can link, but not as bad as Gaylas. Frost Breath can slow your killing down, but nothing to terrible.
6.) Nightmare Stirges aren't as bad as Gaylas either, but there are only about 3-4 per camp.
7.) Remember that this run was also based on luck, preparation, gear, and knowing the job. Good luck if you try it as well!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Anime: Code Geass - Nunnally in Wonderland Cast Reveal!

   Originally posted -

Let's see how close I was?

  • Nunally as Alice (Derp.)

  • Lelouch as the Mad Hatter

  • C.C. as the Cheshire Cat (Very fitting.)

  • Suzaku as the White Knight (Not much of a role change there.)

  • Kallen as the March Hare (I should of seen that coming considering her outfit at the start of R:2)

  • Anya Alstreim as White Rabbit (Always checking her phone, huh?)

  • Charles as King of Hearts

  • Marianne as Queen of Hearts

  • Rivalz Cardemonde as Dormouse

  • Kanon Maldini as The Red Queen

  • Schneizel el Britannia as The Red King

  • Gino Weinberg as The Red Knight

  • Cornelia li Britannia as The White King

  • Euphemia as The White Queen

  • Villetta Nu as The Gryphon

  • Nina Einstein as The Cook

  • Milly Ashford as The Duchess

  • C├ęcile Croomy as Walrus

  • Rolo Lamperouge as Mock Turtle

  • Lloyd Asplund as Carpenter

  • Shirley Fenette as Fawn

  • Not very. XD I guess next time I'll critically think it through.