• Meeble Burrows Additions and Adjustments
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    • New expeditions have been added. (Where you kill fuzzier rabbits!)
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      The new expeditions are issued by the Burrow Researcher in Batallia Downs (J-8).
      *The expeditions in Batallia Downs are independent from those in Sauromugue Champaign.
    • "The Batallia Downs caverns" has been added as a location to which the Burrow Investigator in Upper Jeuno (I-8) may transport you.
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    • A new NPC named Sokrov, with whom you can exchange wizened worms for reward items, has been introduced in Batallia Downs (J-8).
      *Sokrov serves the same function as Utrig does in Sauromugue Champaign (J-7).
    • New wizened worm exchange items have been added.
  • Trades with the following NPCs involving ancient currencies may now only be completed if the currency amount matches the amount needed to purchase items. (I feel good enough to say I never made the mistake of giving him the wrong amount of currency. Now that I admitted that, I feel good for not saying it earlier and accidental cursing myself!) 
    Haggleblix: Beadeaux (E-7)
    Lootblox: Davoi (J-7)
    Antiqix Castle Oztroja (F-8)

  • New items have been added.
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Possibly the coolest looking weapons to date. It's a shame that most Samurai and Warriors already use either relics or empy weapons.

  • When trading with other players, information regarding the number of items you possess will now display while the trade window is open. (Thank you for this one SE, but honestly: Who has that few items on them?)
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Resolved Issues
  • The following issues have been rectified:
    • The issue wherein the Spinet furnishing would not play certain songs even when placed in one's Mog House.
    • The issue wherein the damage bonus based on dexterity for the thief ability Sneak Attack would activate even when thief was set as a support job.
    • The issue wherein changing the number of character models displayed under "Misc." in the Config menu would also change the cursor position for the Icon Type setting.

Known Issues
  • Receiving the effects of Warp II, Teleport, or Retrace during a cutscene in a town occasionally skips the cutscene.
  • The item Vihuela cannot yet be delivered to characters belonging to different accounts.
  • Using the black magic spell Kaustra does not properly count towards completing "dark-based status ailment" objectives in Trial of the Magians.
  • The Abyssea-Tahrongi NM Cuelebre can become the target of melee attacks at all times under certain conditions.
  • The rate at which participants in Ballista and Brenner competitions receive temporary items remains unintentionally high under certain circumstances.
  • Absorbing the effect of a song while under the effect of a Phantom Roll occasionally negates the Phantom Roll effect.