Friday, December 30, 2016

5 Songs That Help Me Get Through Exams

     During the semester I find myself so busy that I find myself without time to enjoy any type of fanboy pleasures. Fortunately, I have found a way in which I can enjoy a little nerd-time while working on quizzes or tests online. So, I have compiled a short list giving a little credit to each of the 5 songs that tend to help me the most through those grade-dependent tests. The following is in no specific order, and I am only choosing one song per series. Sorry Final Fantasy, you would have probably taken the whole list and more.

"I Am The Doctor" is the theme of the 11th Doctor portrayed by Matt Smith. While Matt is not one of my favorite incarnations of the Doctor, but he is still fun to watch especially during his last season. This song captures the excitement of his character, which in turns helps excite me. Especially when I run into those questions that at first seem difficult, then are solved with an exclaiming "Ah-Ha!"

Possibly the best thing to come out of Star Wars: Episode I, "Duel of The Fates" is a song that has become a standard in not only my exam rituals, but also great for cleaning. The danger and excitement this song helped the battle between Obi Wan and Qui Gon Jinn fighting Darth Maul even more epic. This song alone can help me really power through some tough tests. Blasting through multiple choice questions with the intelligence of a Jedi, or spinning the broom around while sweeping the kitchen floor like a Sith: This song works with both!

Dragon Ball Budokai was the first Dragon Ball Z game released in the PS2/GameCube era of home consoles. While the game had it's faults such as having to do a combo into using Ki-Blasts or lack of diversity when it came to individual character fighting styles, it also had some greatness to it. This includes 3D versions of classic cut-scenes, full voice-acting, a final battle which was so difficult it made you feel like it was your last-chance, and a great soundtrack. "A Hero's Desperation" plays during two significant cut-scenes in which the hero attains a substantial power-up which helps them defeat their opponent. This song is great for when those test questions become a tougher, requiring me to call upon a "power-up" in which to help me finish the test with an acceptable score.

While there are plenty of songs from musicals that can knock me down, bring me up, and repeat - very few can give me that boost of energy that "Non-Stop" from the Hamilton: An American Musical gives me. While Hamilton is pretty new ot the more recent semesters, it has a great place in helping me survive those 100+ question tests which never seem to end. This songs helps me feel like writing like I am running out of time, which I usually am when it comes down to those final few essay questions at the end of a long test.

As mentioned earlier, I could of filled a list three times as large with only songs from Final Fantasy. Everything from battle music 7, 4, and 11 to pretty much all of the Primal themes from FFXIV. The reason I chose the above song "Alexander: Locus - Brute Justice" is because it takes both of Alexander's themes and mixes them in with a little Super Sentai making an exciting song that gets the blood flowing. I even found myself once doing a Power Ranger-like post when the song came on in the middle of one of my final exams.

     There it is, 5 songs that help me blast through testing. Each one of them helps fuel my energy, excite my mind, and most importantly - Let's me geek out. Thank you for reading, I hope to make a few more posts again before Spring 2017 Semester begins on 1/23/17. I wonder what great songs will help me through my upcoming tests!

Friday, August 26, 2016

Valkyria: Azure Revolution

Sega of Japan has began screening a new teaser for the upcoming Valkyria: Azure Revolution for release on the PS4 and PSVita. The game will be released in Japan territories in January, so maybe we might get it by next summer. I've learned not to fully trust Sega to release a title in the states until it is released. (I am looking at you PSO2, Valkyria Chronicles 3, ect.) 

 The game boasts an entirely new storyline, new graphics system "GOUACHE," and a new battle system "LeGION." 

From the game's official website:

From the plentiful Ragnite came the "magical art," and it brought the people many blessings. From the people, there were a select few who saw Ragnite's industrial potential, and started heavy magical industries to exploit it, and make it available to everyone. So began the "Azure Revolution," a great industrial revolution that changed the world.
The Azure Revolution transformed industry and society itself, with the Ragnite resource marking a turning point in history, and changing the face of warfare as well. The age of monarchy had begun.
In 1853, a hundred years after the beginning of the Azure Revolution, the small southern European nation of Jutland launched an assault against a base of the Rus Empire, one of the world's great powers. In accordance to its principles, the Rus Empire retaliated with an economic blockade and embargo, and in time Jutland was impoverished. Jutland proclaimed "independence and liberation from the colonialism of the great powers" and declared war on the Rus Empire, who employed a Valkyria in its ranks.
The young men and women who participated in what would later be called the "Miraculous War of Liberation" will be judged to be the greatest criminals in history. This is a war of liberation that hides a motive of personal revenge.

I'd like to express the love I have towards the first two games of the series, and that I truly hope for a release in the states. 

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

I Still Function

Hiya Blogspot Friends~! I hope all is well. Maybe there will be something coming here soon, maybe not. I miss posting, I really do. School and work still are my priorities, but perhaps I should still make time to post here? I have began my "Destination - Teach!" blog which will follow my journey to becoming the bane of all teenagers - a History Teacher. 

Stay tuned. :D

Sunday, August 30, 2015

One Door Closes.

I know it has been along time but today I come with unpleasant news. As of today, I have canceled service to Will it be back? No. Will something like it come back or replace it? Maybe, I am not sure.

The fact is; Websites such as Hunters-Guild, Swords Dont Go With Dresses, ect. are no longer needed these days as most information is available through a Wiki page or a simple Google search. Time has changed, and so must I.

I'm keeping this blog open because I plan to continue to use it some time in the near future. For now, I want to leave you with a little information about what I have been doing.

I am still working at the same job, though is has gone through some intense changes. I went from a full crew of five down to just myself. Honestly, it was like someone had taken my family from me. It is the first and last time I will feel that. I currently do not know what my work expects from me, but I assume it will fall into the "Alot of hours, alot of work" category. I have also been working on earning a college degree, in which I am entering my sophomore year. I am going to school to become a teacher. I want to help young people succeed in life and help them avoid the same mistakes I made. I think I can do this as a teacher.

I will keep in touch,
     Forever Wandering Kaji.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD PS3 Pushed to March 18th

Square Enix announced this week that the PS3 HD Remake of Final Fantasy X/X-2 has been pushed back to March 18st. Previously announced for Winter, the remix features the International Version of both games as well as an extended ending for X-2. Much like the Kingdom Hearts remaster, pre-ordering will net you a collector's edition package with an art book. If you missed out on the KH1.5 one like me, make sure you pre-order this beauty. SE did not say anything about the Vita versions of the games but I assume they will come out on the Playstation Store around the same time as the release of this game. Check out the new trailer below:

Square Enix must of finally teamed up with Sucker Punch for an attack on my wallet, as inFamous: Second Son comes out on the 21st of March and also has a much desired Collector's Edition.  ;  ;

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Titan Breaks Ground in Eorzea, and I don't want to be anywhere near his Navel. (Delayed Titan Post)

The Primal summoned by the Kobold race has been released and been terrorizing (At-least in his hard-mode) the adventurers of Eorzea sense Realm Reborn's release back in September '13. Between his ability to crush his enemies with a simple step to being able to perma-kill players by knocking them off of his battle arena, Titan has been the cause of many rage induced players. Did I mention he also has probably one of the most bad-ass music themes in Final Fantasy history? I'll get back to that in a moment, but let's take a look at Titan through-out the ages.

Titan first appeared in FFIII as a summon before becoming a boss fight (and then later summon) in FFIV when a young Rydia summons him to battle against Cecil & Kain. He then returns in IV the After Years when summoned by an unknown enemy who bares a striking resemblance to Rydia. Titan then returns to his role as a boss for FFV where he once again must be defeated to be used as a summon. Skipping VI, Titan appears again as a summon in the form of Materia in FFVII with an attack that literally pulls the ground from under an enemy and flattens them. Titan would then move on to appear next to Fenrir in FFIX assisting the summoner Eiko.

As the Avatar of the Earth Element for Final Fantasy XI, Titan would become a powerful ally to Summoners with his ability to grant the party increased damage resistance. It was here Titan would be given a back-story where he was once part of a tribe of giants who fell during a battle against a neighboring enemy. One day a young girl named Daemdalus would stumble across the weakened Titan, befriending the fallen giant. When the city found out about this discovery they decided that the giant needed to be executed to protect the city and it's people. In a desperate attempt to save Titan, Daemdalus threw herself in front of Titan to protect him. Watching the from the heavens, Altana summoned both Daemdalus and Titan's souls into heaven and blessed Titan with the power of the Earth. Thus becoming the Earth Celestial Avatar we know now. Daemdalus was also transform into a star and placed in Titan's constellations.

Titan would then skip XII (yet appear in it's sequel) and return to a main numbered game in Final Fantasy XIII. Residing as a Fal'Cie of Grand Pulse, Titan's height would reach the havens. Tall enough to eat an Adamantoise like they were a small cookie. Titan would remain one of the mainstream summons in future Final Fantasy spin-off games as well as other SquareEnix titles. I mentioned earlier that Titan had a bad-ass song that played during the battle, didn't I? Check it out and let me know what you think!

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween 2013

May all your nightmares be frighting after a nice night of candy indulging. Happy Halloween from everyone at ^^