Monday, April 25, 2011

Restoring Athena; A stumble thru reformatting, reinstalling, and putting everything in it's place.

   I've had my computer for about 5 years, making small upgrades here and there. Upgrading the video card, changing the fans out, and a few other things. As time has gone by, my poor Athena (Yes, I name my stuff.) has had programs installed and uninstalled numerous times over. Noticing the poor girl has been laggy for the last year, I decided it was time to start over. I backed up everything I could on a portible drive, and did it..

Reformatted, Re-partiencend, and reinstalled. At first, there where no problems.

   This was a good lesson in remembering that everything but your processor needs driver updates, and as my original driver discs where no where to be found, I needed to search for it. Once the mother board, video card, ethernet, and other drivers where installed I was back on track. Surprisingly WindowsXP updated rather quickly, and AVG & Malware both ran full perfect scans. Now, the next problem;
   The onboard soundcard isn't being detected. There is a driver for it, but the card itself is not being detected. So, I went on Amazon and bought a used sound card and now must wait.
All thats left is to get office, photoshop, and the final fantasies reinstalled and I should be back on track with more updates more often, and better photos to boot. Yes, this even means it'll be time to work on the site. Yay. XD

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3 Release Date

Oh, Hell Yeah.
   Finally we have a solid release date for the third Dynasty Warriors/Musou Gundam. Both mega-retailer & Online game rental store have the date set for June 28th. This was probably easily predictable considering the first & second games came out around the same time they year that they where released. Definitely going to be a preorder from Amazon for me!

   This gives me 21 days to beat InFamous. o.o;

Monday, April 18, 2011

Nintendo 3DS: Top 10 Games I'd like to see remade/released.

   With the release of the 3DS, there has also been announcements for ports of popular games, such as Street Fighter IV & remakes of some classics such as Star Fox 64 & Zelda: OoT. With this announcement, comes wide-spread rumors of what will be released next. Here is my list of the top 10 games I'd love to see remade/ported for the Nintendo 3DS.

10. Feel the Magic XY/XX
Yes, I bought this game for the *wrong* reasons.
One of the original DS games featured mini-games that abused the touch screen and microphone. Something along these lines surprisingly hasn't been released for the 3DS. I'm the first one in line to give a girl CPR threw my 3DS, despite the odd looks I'd get from family.

9. Dragon Force
Still unsure what "Ultra Series" meant, considering all the working design Saturn games I own say this.

A strategy/tactics RPG at it's finest, this Sega Saturn original was released in the US in 1996. Player assumes the role of one of eight rulers, each with their own anime cliche', move out to take battle fellow rulers and eventually fight a great darkness. Battle ensues once a squad of your own or your enemies' meet with another opposing squad or castles. The idea is to raise the country under your own banner and eventually work together with your rivals to destroy a greater evil.
Seeing this game on the 3DS would not only look great, but it's a perfect title for a portable system with a quick-save feature or a sleep mode. The 3D could show off the battle system like never before, and the Street Pass feature could easily send information about the player characters for mini-battles.

8. Sin & Punishment
Awesome Game play, Questionable Character Design.
The Japanese only (until it was released on VC fort he Wii) action shooter for the Nintendo 64 was a real time, sort-of on-rail shooting game that played very much like Star Fox. Never played the original, but I did rent the Wii sequel and played it with my girlfriend and we had alot of fun. 3DS to 3DS Co-Op would be awesome, and the 3D effect would make this game shine.

7. Resident Evil (Gamecube Remake)
Yes, I had to use this cover art.
Who wouldn't love to see the Gamecube remake of Resident Evil come back for it's 9th (I think) time on the 3DS. Imagine that dog jumping out of your 3DS's window or seeing the zombie for the first time? I shiver at just the thought of it. I'm also sure Capcom could toss in some AR cards to make your home a little more frightening.

6. Burnout Series
This game taught me not to fuck with Tabi when she's driving.
Burnout is due for another game, considering I count Paradise as a game at all. On the 3DS, the crashes would almost make you duck and hide. I'd just like another Burnout in general, but having one on the 3DS would not only be awesome; it would probably get me traffic tickets when driving in real life.. >.>

5. Pokemon

Because Blue was for pussies.

I recently decided not to pick up White/Black, with the feeling that maybe Nintendo would release a game soon on the 3DS. I don't want the usual Pokemon in 3D though, I would love a new game; It has to be more like the MMO-Pokemon game I've dreamed of for years. Battle people in real time as well as NPCs, Collecting Pokemon and raising them, but having Legendary Pokemon uncatchable Notorious Monsters (because that would break the game!), and even Real-Time Pokemon Battles, including links and aggro.
. Team up with friends to take down large Team Rocket (or whoever the hell wants to steal my Pikachu) and take out Gym Leaders, and battle a *TRUE* Elite Four. The top four Players in the world. . Less about catching them all, more about battling and raising Pokemon. Even use of AR cards to have real-time Pokemon battles outside or in your home.
 Let me correct myself, new game - same starter Pokemon from Red/Blue/Green/Yellow series. ^^

4. Phantasy Star Online/Portable

This game took 4 years of my life away. Well spent.
Online or Offline multiplayer, PSO was great. I spent most of my late teens playing this game with some of my closest friends.
One of the first console games to really push online-play was a great jump, and would also be a great game for the 3DS. PS0 & PSP where great titles that learned from this, but nothing would beat owning that Dragon in the Forest in full 3D. Even use of AR Cards to find those little red rare-item boxes around the house would be pretty cool.

3. Final Fantasy VII or VI Remake

Back when Square was going into this "All of our box-art has to be white" era.

You want a game where the world ends? You got it!
People around the world have been begging for remakes of VI & VIIl; And with the great job SquareEnix did with FFIII & FFIV, VI should be a shoe in at least. Both games where stunning, featured great characters, an epic storyline, and more memorable characters then you could shake a stick at. Watching Terra's group march forth during the opening, or our beloved Flower Girl's demise in full 3D would quite possible be the best thing ever. Well, at least the 3rd best thing ever.

2. InFamous

Many a-nights running around the city shouting "THUNDERBOLT! THUNDERBOLT!"
Stop before you tell me it'll never happen, because I know most likely it won't. This game came to me at a time where I thought that a good action/adventure game was a thing of the past. A game like this on the 3DS would be amazing. If you've ever touched this game, you'll know that a 3D version, even a 3DS version would be epic. Jumping buildings, riding on train rails, tracking down Reapers. All would be great for not only 3D, but a portable.

1. Final Fantasy XI

Everything from a young girl who'll drop kick a god to a little glowing rodent saving the world.
I could write a 1000 word *essay* describing the awesomeness of this game. I won't, to spare you all in this already-long post. FFXI would be great to play online, on a portable in general. Having it in 3D.. well, that would make me cry tears of joy. SE has always done an epic job with the storyline and the events, and seeing them remade on the 3DS would give a blind-man the ability to see again. Toss in some AR cards so I can take pictures of me next to my character or other npcs/mobs.
Please gods of video games, please make this happen.

Sunday, April 10, 2011


No comment that won't keep me out of trouble with the other half exsists.

Kind of reminds me of Happy Fun Pocket Pikachu. You should google that.

This is how it is when I drive home at night in Pahrump.

And finally...

... o.o;

Monday, April 4, 2011

Nintendo 3DS: Unboxing & First Night of Game Play

    It didn't take long after I got word that my 3DS was delivered at my house for me to hurry over to pick it up before heading to my other half's home. Once settled in, I decided not the act like it was Christmas Morning & tear the package open. I slowly opened it while enjoying some of my home-made pork & beans while watching new episodes of Destination Truth. Then, the time came. I would not wait any longer.

Doc Brown didn't know how right he was when he said "You're gonna see some serious shit."
   After unboxing the original package from the crafty Amazon packaging, I slowly peeled away the round stickers that held the 3DS box closed. First thing to appear was a bag containing the instructions, quick start guide, Mii Plaza guide, and AR Cards. Going right for the goal, I put them aside and pulled the little cardboard separator to unveil the 3DS, neatly wrapped in foam paper. Slowly pulling the paper away, revealing what has to now be the sexiest portable I own. Sleek, Sexy, and well built; the 3DS is great to look at.
    Then.. the time came to push the power button.
                Damn, I need to fully charge this thing before I can play it. I don't want to ruin the batteries. >.<


   Time to turn this thing on! The screen opens with the usual set-up date, name, region, etc. My first thoughts are that the 3D wasn't that amazing. Then, the system noted that it was about to activate the 3D. (Facepalm)

"Sit your 3DS on my lap, I'll charge it for you."

   The 3D is absolutely amazing. Once I got passed the "Woh" factor of the system, I decided to play around with some of the camera functions. The camera is about the same quality as the DSi, but the outer side of the 3DS has two cameras, positioned to take 3D pictures. So, I took a few photos of my family, including my sleeping daughter. (Creepy value!) The picture quality isn't any better then most phones, but the 3d aspect makes them really look great. I then followed up with with the Mii creator: recreating myself, some close family members, and Finn & the Vampire Princess from Adventure Time. I then moved on to activating the Street Pass function, even though I haven't gotten a single hit yet. That could be due to the fact that I live in a small town as well.  Tried the Face Raiders mini game where it takes pictures of yourself or a friend/random stranger to battle staged in the room you happen to be in. I had tons of fun blasting yellow balls at my family's face while walking down the hallway. Next up was the AR Cards.

Your move, your move, YOUR MOVE.
   Each 3DS comes with 6 AR, or Augmented Reality Cards. They are very simple looking cards that are used to play some of the AR Mini-games. The first AR Game starts out with the "?" card. Place the card on a flat surface and hold the 3DS about 14" away from it, and suddenly a small box pops out of the card. Seeing the box threw the 3DS makes it seem likes it's really sitting across from you. A simple shoot the target game pops out, where you move your 3DS around to shoot the targets. A simple fun game, until a Dragon pops out and tries to turn you into toasted gamer. As you play you unlock more games, including a fishing game I can't seem to put down where the Dragon's retarded brother decides to get revenge and you have to drop bombs on it's head to kill it.
  I did pop in Samurai Warriors before I went to bed, and my first impressions where good. The 3DS looks like it will be able to handle Ps2 level games easily. I'll be giving a review of the game at a later time once I've gotten some better game-time with it.

12' AR Card not included with the 3DS.
   The only issues I seem to be having with the 3DS is the battery life is kind of low, and I seem to have issues pressing the start button correctly the first time few times. I also have an issue with where the stylus is kept now, as I have been used to where the DSi stylus is kept for the last few years.

As Always, Thanks for reading.

Dragon Ball GT Episode III: Shit Goes Downhill! Crash Land on Imegga!!

    Episode starts out with something I didn't mention during the last review, mostly because I was to distracted by the 'stach. As the ship takes off, Bulma finds a piece of the ship that seemed pretty crucial. With this, the ship is now in terrible danger. Once our over-stressed Trunks notices the problem, they make an emergency crash landing on a nearby planet Imegga. (Or Imecka for you US dub lovers.) They find that Imegga is more of a tourist trap then downtown Las Vegas, including a lovely hotel that over-charges everything including the bathwater & laying on the bed. (Hmmm, are they staying at the Marriott during AX08?!)
This guy kind of reminds me of what I thought the 4Kid's Fox Bot should of looked like. 

    As they escape their newly found debt and find an older family that explains to them that the new king of Imegga is charging high taxes, making the populace more money-grubbing. On the way back to their ship, they meet the newest Dragon Ball Character, Giru.
Giru is a bastard. That's all I wanted to say.
    The Dragon-Radar, panicky, new mascot of the series eats the dragon radar and transforms himself into a new one with an annoying voice. Trunks catches the little jerk and returns to the ship. That is when the team notices the most horrifying thing is happening...
    No no.. not that. They're ship. It's their ship being taken away to the King's castle.

Goku & Friends become S-Class criminals. (Gonna go watch the Tenchi movie. Orz.)