Thursday, March 29, 2012

Something bazaar is going on over where the server for is. I'll letcha know more as soon as I figure out the issue.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

FFXI: March 27th Update Notes

The version update has arrivied! Here are a few notes about what has been updated. For the full list of updates, please see the Offical FFXI Forums here.

New Battle System (New Endgame): Legion
In Legion you and 31 of your closest friends can now enter (For a cost of 360k per alliance) a new battle field. HNMs are going to be all over the place. The more you slay, the better the drops. Something to get excited about in these times of Abyssea and Voidwatch.
Speaking of Voidwatch:
The Tavnazia & Aht Urhgan Jurisictions have been added. Remember Bismark and who I thought might be Slyph from another post? They're the top of the tier in each respected area. New atmacite, abyssite, and periapts have been added.
Nyzul Isle Uncharted Region Adjustments.
Walk of Echos Adjustments.
Besieged Ajustments:
Weakness time during battle is shortend to 1 minute. Players will also no longer loose EXP/Imperial Standing if they are dead when the battle ends.
Limit Break Adjustments.
Beyond Infinity's Weakness item has been made stronger. Now the little bastard will be terrorized and will no longer WS as soon as the effect is off. For the level 75 cap fights, you will now be allowed 3 fights per testimony.

A majority of merit-point based Job Abilities have been changed. Everything from casting and recast time to higher effectiveness has been changed. Also plenty of other jus ability adjustments such as SMN's elementals taking less MP (New ability to merit SMN casting time has replaced Elemental MP merits.) BST's TH pets are now revised to level one. (Sorry Dyna-BSTs.) Hagakure now saves 40% tp instead of 20% and Dragoon's 2h has been increased in power.

New Spells

White Mage can now learn Arise at level 99. Casts the effect of Raise III and Reraise III on a target. Who hasn't been making an ATHF quote?
Black Mages can finally relive the original game's intro by learning Meteor at level 99. Probably has the most epic description too.
"BLM Lv.99Teaches the black magic Meteor.Join with your comrades to summon a massive meteor from the heavens and smite your foes."
Fantastic. ^^

Cure spell adjustment is finally here. The higher your Healing Magic is will now allow Cures I-IV power to be increased as much as 1.4 times.

New Items & Gear Have Been Added.

 Auspex Gear

 Hrafn Gear

Kheper Gear

Paean Gear

 Tenryu Gear (Tenryu = Heaven Dragon? AWESOME!)

Crafting Skill Cap Increase!
Now Fishing and one main Craft can now be increased to Expert. (110)
All others have been increased to 70.

Numerous Synergy Adjustments.
Various System Adjustments & more!

Now if you'll excuse me, it's time for me to play more FFXI! See you online.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

SquareEnix teases us with a new game! Possibly something to do with..

      This trailer released last week mentions something about crystals, meteor, Odin, Diabolos, and Titan. Definitely a Final Fantasy title. Most likely one of the Crystal Chronicle games. Only the future will tell! I'm just glad to see a game that looks more like fantasy and less then future/fantasy. The art shown in the trailer is credited to Masaki Hirooka (Best know for working on the art for Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia.) and Yusuke Naora (Worked on the art for FFVI, VII, VIII, X, and other great RPGs.)

   Teaser suggests Summer of 2012 and that is pretty damn soon.

On another note, FFXIII-3 is getting Mass Effect armor and the return of FFVI's favorite Octopus.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Final Fantasy Mystic Quest

   This game, this terrible terrible game, came up in a conversation between Cable (From Temporal Flux) and myself. I'd like to take a moment to explain why this is to this day the one Final Fantasy game I will not acknowledge as even existing, despite the what the wikipedia page.
American Box Art
   Originally released in the USA as a "Entry-Level Role Playing Adventure" in 1992. It abandoned series staples such as random battles, manual equipment, party system, save points, and kept the game in a over-linear. While it did let you use weapons outside of battle, they where mostly used to change something in the over-world such as using a grappling hook to get across gaps. Here is the worst review I've ever done. Know that this review reflects my feelings on the game.
... Japanese Box. Seriously cute, right? I think he stole Bartz's hair from the original FFV cover.

The Story: Something about a guy named Benjamin has to stop a Dark King or something. Honestly, I've read better Sephiroth/Cloud dojins with a better story. Scary, right? -1/5

The Look: We're going to let a picture tell 1000 words. -2/5
Mystic Quest
FFIV, the first FF game on the SNES.

The Sound: I just played the game again on an emulator and I still can't remember the music. -1/5

The Feel: Like crap. It's like holding a handful of rusty needles. 0/5
The Filling: W... what? 0/5.
Overview: I'm not going to bother. This game gives me less pleasure then watching my dog Chopper hunt mice. Seriously, did this game foreshadow the fall of RPGs in Japan? This game was made for America, by Japan. Years later, Japan tried to get more people into JRPGS and failed. Failed to titles like Mass Effect and WoW. There are people out there that believe that FFXI or FFXIII killed the series. NO! It was and will always be Mystic Quest. This game was so terrible, when it was released in Japan, they added "USA" to the title to show that it was a gimped version of the beloved franchise. If someone was going to give me this game, the following would happen..

How about if someone asked me to try the game one more time? To give it another chance?

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Anime Expo 2012 Shopping List!

   AnimeExpo 2012 is just a few months away. Tickets are bought and hotel is reserved and now to keep saving as much money as possible to be able to go this year. With close friends dropping out of going this year, it looks like this will be the year of Kaji & Yopo. With this in mind, we won't have as much money as we've had in previous years. 2012 is the year of the budget, so I kept that in mind while working on my hunting list for this year.
   Another thing to watch for is shelf room. Yopo and I have recently combined our collections under one roof, so shelf room is something of an issue. This year's list has a few guidelines to follow. Remember, guidelines are not rules. There are asterisks around the items I don't plan to leave AX without.


The final box for completing the new releases of Utena. Hunting Price: $25 (Amazon Price: $49.99)

The complete Samurai Champloo series box set. Hunting Price: $20 (Amazon Price: 24.99)

*Code Geass R2 Complete Season (Season 2)* Hunting Price: $25 (Amazon Price: ???)

Death Note: Volumes 8 & 9 Hunting Price: $5 each (Amazon 10.99 each)


Rurouni Kenshin: Enjou! Kyoto Rinne Hunting Price: $20 (Amazon Price $30)
Rurouni Kenshin: Meiji Kenkaku Romantan Saisen Hunting Price $30 (Amazon $60)


One Piece Thousand Sunny 280 mm plastic model kit Hunting Price: $50 (Amazon Price $80)


Rurouni Kenshin Revoltech Super Poseable Action Figure #109 Himura Kenshin Hunting Price $25 (Amazon: $35).

1/12 Scale PHANTASY STAR ONLINE Blue Burst RA Caseal Eleanor Ver. or *Shino Ver.* Hunting Price $30 (Amazon $50)

A perfect Sakabato. Reverse Blade, proper colors (Dark blue sheath with yellow bands.). Hunting Price: $50

Monday, March 19, 2012

Upcoming Model Kit Projects! 3/19/12

Recently on a trip to HobbyTown USA in Vegas, I obtained some new kits to add to my upcoming model projects. I'd like to share them are a preview of kits I will be doing reviews for in the next few months.
First up!

Gundam Exia HG from Gundam 00 is first on my list. I received this back in December and I actually have this kit about 75% completed. Just need to finish the hips and the arms and he'll be ready for action. This isn't the first Exia 1/144 Exia I've purchased. A couple years ago when I wanted to get back into model kits I purchased a First Grade Exia from a local Anime/Japanese stuff store. From there I used it as a practice model kit to try new techniques on for improving my modeling abilities. This Exia, later named Bitch-Exia, now is part of my daughter's collection of Gundams.
In honor of Bitch-Exia, the gundam used to practice and improve my skills, this next Exia will be made using the best of my skills. My goal is to make this HQ look better then most.

Time for my next Evangelion project! Unit 00 Prototype. Luckily when I did my 0 Gundam Evangelion I purchased the decals meant for these kits. I still have most of the decals for this unit to help with the detailing. Also came with two mini-figures of Rei & Ritsuko for my painting pleasure.

Another couple of Evangelions.Both come with two mini figures that need painting. Look forward to this attempt!

HG Virtue from Gundam 00. Originally I had two plans for this kit, I just haven't decided what direction to take with it. We'll see in the future.


FREEDOM!!! From Seed, this will be my 3rd Gundam Master grade. This is one sexy piece of model kit! Originally, I wanted to get the RG version of this kit but someone decided that I should have this version instead. I love my Tabitha. <3

Can't wait!
If you're interested in any of these kits, I buy most of my kits online from Look forward to future reviews of these kits.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Congrats Sony, you've finally got a game I'm interested in.

   I've always lived by a standard when I buy a new console or portable. There has to be 5 games that are either released or announced for release before I consider purchasing. Today, Sega has announced such a game for the Vita.
  Originally posted on the official Japanese PSO2 blog, Sega producer Satoshi Sakai announced the release saying that it will be the exact same game as the PC Windows version due out later this year. Here is what I've gathered from a few places.

The Vita version is announced for 2013.
Same Servers as PC version allowing cross-platform team-ups.
Online Only.
Game is less then 10% complete.

   Well played. Well played. You now have announced one title that I would want badly enough to buy the system. Now you just need to officially announce 4 more. It's a good possibility that this will come in the upcoming months with the rumors of FFXI being rereleased and perhaps more games I'd be interested in. Maybe a new InFamous Vita game? That still only gives me 3/5.
   Let me point out that Nintendo owned my soul at the announcement of the 3DS before it was released. I still used the 5 game rule and now am the proud owner of 4/5 of those games. Let's see what you can do for me Vita because $300+ is also to spend on you.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Nintendo eShop Update: Metroid!

   For those of you who were not lucky enough (foolish enough) to be apart of Nintendo's 3DS ambassador program, you can finally download another of the eight NES original games released. This week it's Metroid, the original search and destroy game. For 4.99 it's not a bad deal to relive or experience for the first time. Once you spend a few days shooting questionable monsters and getting lost in pixel hell, you can continue the journey with Metroid 2: Return of Samus, also in the 3DS eStore.
Back when Ridley looked more like Puff the Magic Dragon.
    Another 3DS demo is out this week as well. Sega's Crush 3D demo is out for anyone who wants to give it a try. Let's hope they give us more then 10 times to play this game though. I'm looking at you Nintendogs + Cats >.>